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'Do They Never Learn?': Progressives Rip Media Attempts to Downplay Bernie Sanders Win in NH Primary

I find it interesting that only a few short months ago , the media was slagging Bernie (Bernie Bros) as not having support from black voters.

Pete has 0 percent support from Blacks.
Amy has 4 percent from Blacks.

No focus on that at all. It not important that Buttigieg and Amy lack support from Black voters, the media insists they are favorites to win and or are surging.


We need to first (1) take down the oligarchy conglomerate media and put in back in the hands of the people all over this country. National News these days is a joke.


2020 Democ-rat National Convention is scheduled to be held from July 13-16 at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Make plans now to be there.

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When the money dies, everyone will be equal.

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There has to be a paper trail of the votes tallied otherwise the crooks will again have a heyday with the zero trust voting machines


I love watching the desperation ooze out of Joy Reid. OH NOZ!!! Bernie is winning!!! Time to support the guy stopped and frisked every black person he could have his police put their hands on in NYC. LOL.

Maybe she can get her time traveling hackers to help her figure out that pretzeled logic.


Actually, I’m sitting here in a beautiful plaza in the center of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain, and I’m laughing my ass off (LMAO) at the “journalists” portrayed in this article. I can’t wait to visit ~blackagendareport.com to read their description of black misleadership “journalist” Joy(less) Reid and all the other sell-out scum who comprise the US propaganda class.

Truly, I’m LMAO. And I don’t know why, really, except it is just so comical to watch the end game of neo-colonial idiocracy. The game is over for them. All they can do is splutter and clutch their pearls. And it’s just so goddamn funny.


Well, fair enough—He’s won every primary he’s entered this year, hasn’t he??!!

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On this and all Dem/Rep/media issues, Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti should be on all’s daily radar.

Get their approx. 10 minute apiece commentary daily using separate name searches on Youtube.

Hands down, imho, they are the most incisive progressive commentators and guides on the US’s anti-political establishment, anti-right-liberal-media progressive insurgency.

Some clips of last few days:

Krystal Ball:
[h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xucl8INFwTc]
[h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra_uS0mg8Wc]

Saagar Enjeti:
[h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CofPsMbm0F8]
[h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xugXaYIBVaU]

Their just-published book makes the important argument that this is a populist moment - that progressive/right wing insurgencies mark a ‘legitimation crisis’ of both Democrat and Republican establishments, as well as of the Dem establishment’s right liberal mainstream media mouthpiece.


Notice two things MSM refuses to talk about especially at Election time –

The reality that for generations democracies everywhere have supported National Health
Care systems for their citizens – and more socially liberal programs in regard to family
leave, home health care even for women who have just given birth, vacations, education,

The reality that most other democracies have RANKED VOTING SYSTEMS in place –
and don’t rely on two parties who too often collude with one another as ours do.

Notice also that in off election years they also avoid any discussion of these issues whether
in polls or on air –
and NEVER ask anyone their opinion of our Electoral College which rewards former
SLAVE-HOLDING states and needs to be dumped.


I was thinking about Bernie this morning and all that he is up against, yet he keeps going. He’s been fighting his entire adult life. He seems to be able to let this roll off of him and keep his focus. How many people in history have faced odds like this and stayed strong in the battle. I have tremendous admiration for him as a man. I’ll continue to send him money. It’s the least I can do to help secure his win, but it seems trivial in comparison to what he does every day and every day before today for decades.


Since the Fairness Doctrine was decimated by (of course) a Republican president, this has been the sad state ever since. Headline in 2/11 “East Bay Times,” on top fold of the front page: “Buttigieg enduring criticism…” There was a time when such a headline would have been deemed a cardinal violation of the rules of journalism.


Add NPR to the list. I heard commentators speak about how the results show that Sanders campaign is a stillbirth. The two thrusts of their arguments were that

1: The lower turnout of youth shows that the argument that Sanders will win by bring out the large numbers of people who don’t vote, is a wrong.
2. The combined percentage of votes for moderate (I call them right-leaning) candidates, is less than the percentage of votes for Sanders.

The general trend is that a pundit will through out one of these passive-aggressive attacks, and the other pundits will accept it or, at least, leave it unchallenged.


Do you understand that the press here is under the control of the CIA?

See: Operation Mockingbird and two companion programs -
Operation Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis, and Operation Gladio.

You can also see Carl Bernstein’s 1970’s article for Rolling Stone called “CIA&MEDIA”
but I don’t think he even mentions Operation Mockingbird.

While Wiki has been under serious attack for years now, Trump seems to have been at
it even more seriously since June 2017. However, last I looked, there was still more there
than in Bernstein’s article.

These programs were being drafted by Cord Meyer/later CIA in 1943, after Stalingrad
when Elites here and Internationally understood that their recruit (Hitler/Nazis) weren’t
going to make it.

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Bernie is FDR 2.0. If I was running his campaign I would draw that comparison and force the MSM to repeatedly trash FDR, Social Security, public schools, public roads, libraries, etc, etc, etc. all the way down the list of “radical” socialist programs.

We have arrived at this point after decades of democratic “incrementalism”, always incrementally hurtling toward outright fascism. It’s about time that an FDR democrat halted this disaster and brought us back to the true center, where government is responsive to the needs of 99% of its citizens. The only reason Bernie is painted as a radical is because we have been shoved so far to the right and deluged with so much right-wing propaganda that what used to be the center and broadly representative now appears to be far to the left. Mass executions in Central park my effing ass! And now I am apparently a Jewish “brownshirt”. I support an FDR democrat who represents the true center of political life, just like the “radical” socialist states of Sweden and Denmark.

BERNIE 2020!!!


It’s because news gurus don’t have the integrity those four federal prosecutors have that just resigned yesterday. Trump wins by attrition.

Let these two very close primaries open our eyes to the fact the Bernie revolution is not a guaranteed win. We all have to be a part of this to make it happen, if that’s your candidate.


It will be very interesting to see what happens when either Clawbutch or Butt drop out. Where will their supporters turn? Will they move to Bernie or to whichever conservadem is still alive? Biden and Warren are already toast, but it’ll be interesting to see where their erstwhile supporters go too. Corporatist pundits seem to be clinging to the idea that “moderate” voters will stick to “moderate” (ie, right wing) candidates, but what will they say when it turns out that half of them or more switch over to Bernie?

The only thing these corporate pundits are good for is inducing vomiting. That’s only needed on the rare occasion when one of their viewers has accidentally swallowed poison. I guess they’re an emergency substitute for milk of magnesia.

it’s been a bit since i stopped by blackagendareport, but you’re right… seeing their take on joy reid this morning is indeed a motivator.


Zionist media does not want an antiwar candidate. Wars for Israel must be eternal as the stooge McCain said, " one hundred years of war" MIC loves the trashing of Bernie


I think it’s time to start a go-fund-me campaign to purchase a couple of bronze plaques to be placed on well positioned Central Park lamp posts:

Plaque #1 “reserved for chris matthews”

Plaque #2 “reserved for chuck todd”