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Do Your Job: Bringing Out the Pitchforks


Do Your Job: Bringing Out the Pitchforks

The drama unfolding around Town Halls - from Sanders' promised one to the rowdy crowds confronting "king of the hypocrites" Jason Chaffetz and his GOP fellow travelers - offer a telling look at the turmoil that is our heartsick democracy. Despite Chaffetz' offensive claim that thousands of furious constituents are "a very, very small minority" of likely paid protesters - sign us up, please! - the mutinous throngs turning up around the country show "the majority has come alive."


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Some ideas on reworking the political body:
1. reread Plato's The Republic
2. An excellent place for some 21Century ideas would be to read or reread Herman Hesse's Magister Ludi or the Glass Bead Game


As long as the people are divided, it'll be business as usual.


I'm investing in tar and feathers........


First of all, the evidence of the majority is in the demonstrations. Just like the massive crowds at Sanders' events. You'll never see the din dong right-wing-nuts doing anything even close to those events.

There is "nothing" to suggest that there is any constituency anywhere taking to the streets or town halls anywhere! The only place Americans get cockeyed claims is from the main stream media - so why would anybody believe their fabricated numbers of an equal wing-nut crowd?

Frankly, the 2000 coup d'état freed the MSM from having to tell any truth what-so-ever and now they have been saturating the nation with rank propaganda. The crazies are as miniscule as honest capitalists and conservative politicians.


I read that B.S. about paid protesters and callers somewhere else.

If that be the case, where's my damn check.


Don't forget fence rails and good Hemp rope.


The National Right Wing Constituency bought the Populist lies of Donald Trump, and at the same time showed that they were more than ready for Populism.

They loved watching him figuratively Slap Around the Establishment Clones he was running against, for the Nomination.

They just didn't realize that he was lying to them, about changing the Power Structure into one that would actually begin to benefit Their Lives, for once.

The Coalescing done during the Election, on both sides of the aisle, was one of Populist Sentiment.

The Pitchforks are being grabbed, little by little, by those who see Trump's lies for what they are, whether True Progressives (who always knew that a Billionaire doesn't change his spots), or those who will eventually understand that their Vote for Trump was a Con, (the Hard Right Lower and Middle Class, that expected a Savior who would actually deliver for them, Economically and Representationally, not more of the same benefitting only the 1%)

Bernie and Trump both courted the Common People, and the Common People responded soundly.

Now, I'm hopeful that the Common People, Right and Left, will begin to UNITE under the banner of their shared Humanity, and start the process of taking back that which is Ours, and has been Stolen.


Very good points that are well taken, techbow! This kind of revolting behavior on the part of many Democrats isn't new, unfortunately. This kind of "Democrats are angels and Republicans are devils." began way back in the 1960's, and it helped decimate the Democratic Party so that it's never been what it should be since. These attitudes have only made more people go over to the Republican side, and it's really not helped the Democrats, at all. I'll also add that the Democrats at large have been in lockstep with the Republicans on many, if not most things, for the past several decades, as well. They're no longer the party for the people as they've claimed to be.


A "sleeping dog" has been kicked - an awakening of millions that are "mad as hell and will not take it any more!" - From every demographic, town, village and city - from every person of conscience, vision and integrity - of moral compass and empathy, come the fighters for a just and sane open government - for our one and only common environment, our Mother Earth, for the Common Good, not common greed!

From "DUNE".......

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. - the sleeper(s) have awakened!

"Long live the fighters!"



Just asking: does anyone out there in cyberspace know of any protesters being paid?


Here's what fascinates me about the article: "Bernie Sanders is still out there". O.K., fine, I'm proud of Sanders. But, where is Hillary? Is her lack of participation indicative of a lack of concern for the state of the bulk of Americans she exhibited in her fostering of corporate heads for financing during the Democratic primary and national election, with little coherent attention paid to the masses?


Look, insofar as Republicans desire to at least foster, and perhaps actually believe protestors are paid, good. For what it means is they will not alter the policies which Trump and gang are implementing which harm the masses. If the Democrat Party policy makers can their heads out of Bill and Hillary's derrieres, abandoning the Cinton's "New Democrats" who seek to attract corporate interests at the cost of the masses, AND Trump doesn't call off elections because of "terrorist threats", the Republicans are going to take a bath in the next election (assuming they let anyone vote who isn't Republican).


Of course. That's how authoritarianism wins.


Bernie is still a senator. Hillary is not part of the government. She is a citizen just like you are only probably a lot richer.


The elected officials often respond to how the people in society are. Remember that- so if people do not care, basically are uninvolved and only care about a pay check then that is how they will respond and get elected.


No, typically activists are volunteers unless they are interns at an organization. Later on, they can too be politicians.


Many people who voted for Dump are millionaires and billionaires.


Yes, they are used as entertainment. Hey, here's one: Did Dump even respond when there were catastrophic tornadoes in Lousiana or a roaring blizzard in the Northeast? Call your reps and say you are watching. Also call your electric provider and request that they use clean energy.


It must be true -- I read it on the internet.