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Docs Reveal Monsanto's Attempts to Influence Reports About Roundup


Docs Reveal Monsanto's Attempts to Influence Reports About Roundup

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A trove of Monsanto's internal records released on Tuesday raises serious concerns about company efforts to influence media reports and scientific research related to risks posed by is popular weedkiller, Roundup.

As the New York Times reported:


Well of course the evil Monsatan has lied about their deadly products as they poison America and the planet, our critical pollinators, men, women, and children, our water resources, rivers, marine bays and estuaries, and agricultural lands/soils!

Monsatan isn’t called the worlds most evil corporation for nothing!

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People of the world:

We need to END the rule of the political economy by investor-owned, limited-liability, “corporate persons.”

We need to ABOLISH the investor-owned, limited-liability, “corporate person.”

It’s way beyond “the most evil corporation in the world” Monsanto.

To allow the Earth, and humanity, to live and to continue to evolve, we must END the evil system that is destroying both.

We need to impose a political economy that prioritizes ecology, and humanity, above “ownership” and private profit and the accumulation of “wealth.” The Earth, and humanity, are far greater wealth than any such “corporate person” can ever be made to understand.


The Polly Higgins’ coined term ‘ecocide’ applies to Monsanto and hundreds of other companies whose corporate strategy depends on disrupting the interconnected web that life on earth is.

One of Roundup’s side effects is killing billions of beneficial bacteria in our gut which promotes obesity and the legion of health problems that this leads to.

We have engineered an economic system, neoliberal capitalism, that is killing off all life on earth, save cockroaches and soon they too will die from having nothing to eat but themselves. 200 species of life are now going extinct every single day. We are deep into the sixth extinction.


Corporations want an agriculture that is war, one that stems from war, and looks like war, with giant machinery and giant chemicals and giant profits. We all know what that means for the small farmers


These “agricultural” corporations are war corporations. They made chemicals for war, and then “diversified their business strategy” and branched out into agriculture-as-war, as you so correctly frame it.


Blinding us with bought science


It is long past the time, these guys need to go down.

Remarket a Poison like Agent Orange for universal use

These are Our US War Corporations. Stars and Stripes Forever


Good point about the problem of glyphosate (Roundup) on gut bacteria.There has been an explosion of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease since glyphosate was allowed on the market. Also there are lots of people who believe they have gluten intolerance as well. It may be possible that people are reacting to the glyphosate that is sprayed on grain crops to desiccate it, that is to dry it and to bring it to maturity all at once. I have read several testimonials of people who had stomach problems when they ate wheat in the US, but then had NO problem with wheat when they moved to Europe. An offhand estimate is that 85% of the wheat crop in the US is contaminated with gylphosate. A funny fact about glyphosate is that when it was first patented it was as an antibiotic. Can you imagine what consuming an antibiotic with most meals day after day would do to your gut biota?


I believe it was as a pipe cleaner


And it will all go unreported by the MSM.