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Docs Reveal US Used Demark for Rendition Flight Waiting to Kidnap Snowden


Docs Reveal US Used Demark for Rendition Flight Waiting to Kidnap Snowden

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A U.S. rendition plane was ready and waiting in Copenhagen in June 2013 to nab National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, a Danish news website reported this week.

At the time, Snowden had fled Hong Kong and was stuck at the airport in Moscow.


Trump Should be in prison for crimes against humanity

All Trump and Cruz supporters need to be under NSA priority surveillance.


Same could be said about obadrone and her royal cackle[r]!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, the oligarchs saw how much their income increased after they bought the US Government that they started buying up governments the world over. Rasmussen is definitely not the only European politician they own. Dubya's puppet master Karl Rove ran the current Swedish Prime Minister's campaign and lo and behold, one of that Prime Minister's first actions was pressing bogus charges against Julian Assange for the purpose of landing him in Obama's whistle blower gulag, the same place Rasmussen would have landed Snowden in.


Shame on Denmark! - Sure, but it is not only Denmark, it is all countries of the European Union! Shame on the EU!
It is a disgrace that the EU foreign policy has been replaced by NATO policy - NATO dictates what goes and what doesn't go in Europe. And one of the most doggish countries in Europe is Germany - my own country. We have opened up our borders to welcome "refugees" without the least control, in fact, our police are not even capable of controlling who is entering our country, they are not even capable of documenting how many people are entering every day. As it turns out a large percentage of these people are not eligible to be granted political asylum, but we have no idea how many. Many of the migrants have thrown away their legal papers to claim they are Syrian, because Germany has granted a blanket asylum privilege to all Syrians. If Snowden claimed he was Syrian he'd be admitted to Germany at once. Snowden, a man who really is personally hunted for political reasons - he should be granted political asylum in Germany, however my country - with Merkel and Gabriel in government - is too subservient and cowardly to stand against big rogue brother Obama. I am ashamed today to have a German passport.


Sorry Saint Jimmy,
I'm ashamed to have a German passport - however I do not understand what "a multi-cultural, imperial financial fascist wreck" is. Can you explain!


Dear Saint Jimmy,
Germany hasn't had souvereignty since over 100 years now - since before WW I. After WW II young Germans have been indoctrinated at school, in the media and by our politicians that it had been Kaiser Wilhelm and German militarism who were the foremost warmongers in Europe, who forced Europe into WW I. - Today we learn from an Australian historicist, Christopher Clark (The Sleepwalkers), that Germany didn't have the least chance to avoid WW I because they wanted that war: France, Russia, Great Britain and Serbia. Moreover, Germany didn't have the least chance to win that war - and they knew it - because they simply weren't prepared - as the French, the English, the Russians. Moreover, armament was much more effective there than in Germany. Today, everything that followed from that initial desaster - the poverty of the Weimar democracy, the election of Adolf Hitler, re-armament, WW II, the holocaust, and the complete destruction ensuing - was just a natural consequence, just as in a law of physics.
What followed after WW II: Germany became a capitalist country - the best pupil of its schoolmaster USA - idolizing the "American way of life" and their protagonists. Abandoning our own cultural heritage to replace it by a thin varnish of opportunistic mimicry. Today our government consists of a bunch of vassals listening doggishly to their master's voice from the White House.
However, whereas Russia granted unlimited souvereignty back to Germany after 1989 without the least condition (and although Russia was the country that payed the highest blood toll by the German "Feldzug") in a grand gesture, the USA are still holding tight their grip around Germany's neck, occupying our country, spying on us in our own country and dictating our foreign policy and the way we trade with our neighbors.
Even if Germany had had the courage to grant Edward Snowden political asylum (what a lot of people wanted), we would not have been capable to protect him against US detention in our own country, due to all the CIA agents and US soldateska around here.