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Doctor Group Calls for Increased—or Any—Regulation of Big Pharma


Doctor Group Calls for Increased—or Any—Regulation of Big Pharma

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The American College of Physicians (ACP), a group of 143,000 internal medicine doctors, on Tuesday published a position paper calling on the government to do more to regulate the skyrocketing costs of pharmaceutical drugs.

The article, written by the ACP's Health and Public Policy Committee and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, notes that the U.S. is one of the only economically advanced countries in the world that does not have any government regulation of drug prices.


Big-Pharma is a criminal enterprise with government complicit to their frauds and usury!

Maybe if big-pharma wasn't granted criminal benefits in the ACA.

Maybe if nightly TV ads didn't lie and distort/push phony deadly big-pharma drugs.

Maybe if the real medicine of cannabis weren't demonized and kept illegal by corrupt politicians (read Andy Cuomo) shilling for big-pharma profits, people would have access to safe effective medicine for a wide range of conditions and diseases - could even grow it themselves rather than it become another corporate give-away.


It is high time we make another demand in the People's Liberation Army under way: NO patenting of drugs. Period.


"In a Kaiser Family Foundation survey conducted last August, 70 percent of respondents said they felt that drug prices were too high and pharmaceutical companies were only interested in making a profit"

Only 70%? Where are the other 30% living? I guess they are the ones voting for Hillary...I mean, how naive can one be?


First-off, I never wrote a word about "instituting price controls" on Big-Pharma. Second, this reply is slanted toward usury, profits before the common good and common decency. Defending usury and corporate greed costing lives is not justifiable, laudable or moral.....Free to choose or free to rip-off?

Reduce innovation? How many drugs have been researched by government then given to private production?

Reduce incentives? You mean B-P is going to get out of the business because they can't gouge the public and poorest?

"End up with shortages" Clearly you don't know about greed-driven pharmaceutical corporations have stopped producing drugs that don't give them a high enough profit margin!

Why are B-P drug prices rising more than other industries? Because they have a monopoly and zero public responsibility, like the Shkreli swine pos that raised AIDS drug costs 5000%!



The lack of an open market has helped B-P raise drug costs for the poorest people and nations. Or in the case of the ACA, government "bargaining" away the right to negotiate lower drug prices. Its debatable whether price controls would benefit patients or are "not an answer". Clearly patent laws, increasing monopoly control, industry consolidation/mergers and government collusion has allowed B-P abuses and obscenely higher profits - "the underlying problem: the lack of true competition" driven in part by mergers and acquisitions.
The Guardian speaks about more than a lack of "free market" - poor India and Africa ignoring patents and intellectual property laws to produce drugs for far less than B-P

I wouldn't go as far as say "we have more in agreement than I realize" - a review of previous comments seems to suggest a slant toward profits and laissez faire capitalism regardless the cost to society......and I certainly don't agree that "everyone is greedy"!

You didn't comment on the other linked articles.......


Heart disease* is the number one killer in America

*Also known as greed


The 30% get their medical insurance and many medical bills paid for by somebody else.

In the recent caucus I know the 20% who were voting for Hillary and they DO HAVE retiree medical insurance that costs them little or nothing while the rest of us are paying ever higher prices for drugs AND medical insurance, AND copays.


If there were any market forces left Obama's ACA snuffed them.

Although the US Veterans Administration has always been able to negotiate drug prices, bipartisan 2003 Medicare Drug legislation prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug prices. The architect of that legislation, Louisiana Congressman Billy Tauzin, resigned from Congress the day after Dubya signed the bill and took a drug industry lobbying gig paying $2 million per year.

During his 2008 campaign Obama serially criticized Tauzin, only to meet secretly with Tauzin during his first week in the White House to assure Tauzin that Medicare would continue to be prohibited from negotiating drug prices if Tauzin signed on to Obamacare.


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Because the drug industry is profit driven.
Essential drugs are not what is being researched and produced.
Much needed--new antibiotics are not in the pipeline.
The profits are made in drugs that one must use regularly not a "use it one time" cure.
The CEOs are only interested in what gets the share price up--not in what is best for the health industry.


Or, at least, Pharmacare + Medicare for all.