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Doctor Says Clinton has Pneumonia After NYC Incident


Doctor Says Clinton has Pneumonia After NYC Incident

- Common Dreams staff

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, the Democratic presidential nominee’s doctor said on Sunday afternoon, after Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 memorial ceremony in downtown Manhattan because, her campaign said, she felt “overheated” and went to recuperate at her daughter Chelsea’s luxury apartment.

Video soon surfaced showing Clinton as she leaves the 9/11 event. As she waited for a car, Clinton leaned against a post, then appears to buckle at the knees and stumble as Secret Service agents hold her up.


Those clips are like a metaphor for the current state of the Democratic party.


Unfortunately they probably will either give it to Trump or have Hillary’s VP run.


I really try not to be a person who wishes death on anyone but it is hard not to find at least some cathartic pleasure in this for someone who has caused the death and destruction of so many people.


Hillary is a tough, old hide; cut from the same political animal as a Kissinger or Albright. She’ll be just fine for the Oval Office and The Pentagon.


When Hillary is sworn in as the president in January (if she doesn’t die from natural causes before that) she will be the oldest person ever to become a first term president.
That in and of itself should give all of us pause.
But beyond that, the entire timeline on Hillary’s current health problems make absolutely no sense.
She had her horrible and sickening cough two weeks ago and yet wasn’t diagnosed with pneumonia until the day before yesterday?
Further, if one looks at her schedule on Friday there was no time for her to have been diagnosed with pneumonia. It takes quite awhile to be examined, have a chest X-ray, have swab cultures taken and analyzed, and so on.
As usual with the Clinton’s the public is always the last to know about anything that’s going on.
The woman is untrustworthy because she’s a liar.


Maybe if we get together (again), hit the streets, flood the Dems with email, letters, call Dem politicians, get Bernie back in the game, give him millions more, buy all the delegates and superdelegates, buy the DNC, buy every Democrat politician and threaten to hold our breaths until we turn blue, we might have a chance.


Sorry, as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton and all the death and destruction she has wrought with her policies, I cannot take pleasure in seeing her in poor health. Would much prefer to see a healthy Hillary Clinton kept out of the White House for her politics, but her health is a legitimate campaign issue, too.

As to a Plan B for the Democrats should Clinton need to withdraw for health reasons, not sure the party even has one. I would suggest Bernie Sanders, of course, and he is the best choice to defeat Trump, given his past poll ratings. Still a a bit iffy, I suspect, given the animosity shown him by the party establishment. Still, a revote by the super delegates could give him the nomination.


Here, let me save ‘Correct The Record’ a little money:

Hillary is as healthy as a horse! All the talk about her illness is propaganda and lies put out by Trump, the birther boy.

Hillary just completed a 10K run around Chelsea’s apartment.

She’s fine.


Don’t hold your breath.
The oligarchy will make damn sure this woman takes the oath of office even if they have to provide an oxygen tank, an intravenous sucrose drip and then roll her up to the podium.
A minute later Tim Kaine will be sworn in.


Lizard Evening News: New lizard to wear Clinton skin suit. Old one ill from horderve poisoning.


Rachel Maddow will have further details tomorrow.


Once the handlers decide how she should spin it.

As for pneumonia - rubbish. Not a prayer in hell - she has had these issues for months if not years.

Methinks they are covering for something much worse, but fear not!

The oligarchy will make sure the Queen of Death takes the throne. It is of no concern to them for how long. Just get her there.


I guess if you have to constantly lie they cannot all be convincing huh.


Keep in mind that if she loses we get the “deplorables” including white supremacist symbol Pepe the Frog (see link for image posted by Roger Stone and one of Trump’s sons). The Photoshopped faces in the picture include Trump, running mate Gov. Mike Pence, Gov. Chris Christie, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Ben Carson, both of Trump’s eldest sons, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, alt-right icon Milo Yiannopoulos, and Stone himself. Keep Pepe out of the White House.


A pneumonia , eh? A nice snotty , infectious respiratory illness, one that they discovered just “yesterday”. Well, I’m sure that the entourage of staff and doting media that she’s been dragging around on her enclosed , poorly ventillated airplane for the last week , will be relieved to know that she didn’t expose them to it willingly, that they just found out that she had it “yesterday”.


I don’t believe it. She was so sick, then walks out of her daughters house and says she is fine. That is not how pneumonia works. Sound more like her cerebral venous thrombosis problem.


I had pneumonia once. You don’t just have a lie down and bounce back up smiling. It leaves you weak as a kitten and takes weeks to recover.


If she wins we get war, possibly nuclear war.

That’s deplorable too.

What’s worse, killing someone or discriminating against them?

Fortunately, we don’t have to make that choice.

Don’t pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 2016



That may be just the excuse they need to find a replacement for this deeply flawed and very sick woman. As David Shuster said today, you can’t campaign for president if you have pneumonia.

Something else is wrong with her, it’s serious, and the corporate media IS covering it up.

Watch the video. Pay particular attention to what you see beginning at the 20-second part, all the way to the end.

Her Secret Service people are calm as can be. That’s because they know exactly what is wrong with her, and it ain’t pneumonia. If this was unexpected, they’d have rushed her to a hospital, not to her daughter’s apartment, for crissake.

She shows signs of having a seizure. Several doctors have stated she has Parkinson’s disease; the coughing, the freezes during speeches, the fainting, and the likelihood that she is wearing a medical device down her leg (in the video, you can clearly see a metal object fall out of her pant leg, and clang on the street).

Don’t believe anything reported in corporate media. We’ve reached the point where we know that corporate media helped put this woman where she’s at, even though she is unfit to be president.

Whoever or whatever is responsible for railroading the Clintons back into the White House will surely suffer exposure at some point. This nonsense simply cannot go on and on.