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Doctors Demand Trump Close 'Inherently Immoral' Immigrant Detention Centers Ahead of Mass Protest on Capitol Hill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/14/doctors-demand-trump-close-inherently-immoral-immigrant-detention-centers-ahead-mass

So what’s the alternative. Wide open refugee camps would be worse. Processing more difficult. And accountability with this administration would be worse than acceptable.

Notice again who’s doing the actual work while old fantasy boys take potshots from the digital bushes. These women are not heroes, they are Sheroes and I send them all my love and respect while I march with the Buddhists here to help shut down ICE.


For many years the govt. of the U.S. has created abysmal conditions and funded violence against the populace in central American countries. Now there’s no empathy for those that are fleeing from those broken places??!

Trump is just another face for the darkness that lurks behind the money.


Doing what they’ve done in the past and allowing people into the country instead of detaining and metering them as they do now…

“The revelations of the past few weeks underscore the hollowness and bad faith of the administration’s arguments that it doesn’t have the capacity to handle the influx of asylum seekers. The Inspector General’s report found that CBP could, in fact, process asylum seekers in a few days. It could then release them, but it just chooses not to do so.”

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During WWII captives in concentration camps were forced to produce goods for the war while living under inhuman conditions with a bare minimum of nutrition. Citizens incarcerated in the Russian Gulag were forced to work without pay while receiving the minimum food rations. So far the migrants and refugees in the border camps of this country have not been forced to work themselves to death but if our National Security State could force them into slave labor they would. It all about cruel and inhuman people in charge and the benjamins !!


No. I do not necessarily call for open borders, but I would rather live in a US overwhelmingly populated with the regular ol’, good-as-anybody-else folks at our border than with even a small percentage of the monsters who think that imprisoning innocent and traumatized people—let alone SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM PARENTS----is acceptable. (Been lurking for a while; I think that you feel similarly…?)


And yet politicians didn’t lift a middle finger against this kidnapping child abuser until he tried to dig up dirt on the Dem’s precious Golden Boy Biden.

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I wholly agree with you but, sadly lindaann, our Truth has zero effect on soulless people. Individuals whose lives are built on wealth and privilege will never give up their power until they feel fear, whether it be from the collapse of the economy or masses of people at their doors. Still, I appreciate and relate to your intelligent honest voice…

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Dave, thanks for the support. I find truth has a way of clearing the air. And if nothing else, instilling some of that creeping fear in the lives of those of whom you spoke.