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Doctors Group, Citing Dangerous Conditions, Demands Immediate Release of Babies Detained by ICE

Doctors Group, Citing Dangerous Conditions, Demands Immediate Release of Babies Detained by ICE

Julia Conley, staff writer

Decrying an "alarming increase" in the jailing of infants in immigrant detention facilities in recent months, several immigrant rights groups were joined Thursday by a group of physicians in filing a federal complaint demanding the release of at least nine babies from a west Texas facility that lacks even the "basic standards of care" for newborns.

If THIS isn’t “Crimes Against Humanity” what the hell is? President Caligula and his minions involved in this should be in the Hague.

President Caligula


This is how the US is creating the next generaton of suicide bombers. The “War on Terror” is a gift that keeps on giving—but only as long as the pipeline is kept full of raw materials.


We need to add one more dangerous condition to the pile, please.

One of our government’s standard near-torture techniques, which they would use on a Gitmo prisoner in an instant, is refrigeration, inadequate clothing, wetting down the clothing every hour. Refugees are reporting that ICE keeps them in ICE-boxes, pointedly cold prison rooms that have central heating but nobody turned the heat on all night. To increase stress, everybody can be stuffed into a small windowless room with one bare bulb that doesn’t go off all night.

Children don’t have the fat reserves that adults have, and they can sicken and die. Two refugee kids probably were killed this winter because of ICE’s cold prison policy. They were rushed to the hospital too late. I’d expect that babies are even more medically vulnerable to this cold prison treatment.


You’re right, the snatching children from their families is not a mistake, it is a crime.
Just like when people refer to the Iraq invasion as a mistake. NO, it was a crime.


It seems virtually impossible to get americans to understand this simple concept. Why?

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The American Horror Story in real life. Shameful.


I had to go outside and blow off my anger (by shoveling snow snow endless snow) at this %$^&*@ situation with phucking ICE, the DHS, HHS shit show.

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Paul –

That Gitmo is even still open is shocking –
Are you saying that ICE is using Gitmo – or just that they
use the same techniques once used at Gitmo?
Apologies that I may not be up to date on where they are keeping refugees.
They seem to be scattered purposefully everywhere.

It appears to have been their premeditated policy! Holy crap is THAT evil!

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