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Doctors Group Hails Reintroduction Of Medicare-For-All Bill


Doctors Group Hails Reintroduction Of Medicare-For-All Bill

Physicians for a National Health Program

Chicago, IL - A national physicians group today hailed the reintroduction of a federal bill that would upgrade the Medicare program and swiftly expand it to cover the entire population.



This is great! Now we will determine who in BOTH parties is for the citizenry and who is not. Three cheers!


Guarded optimism here! Here’s hoping that happens throughout the country!


The time for this idea has come. I am a little skeptical about Congress though, because this idea makes sense!


With the Republicans in control of Congress, It’s time for the Democrats to do their posing.
When the Democrats are in control, we are told that “Single Payer isn’t politically viable”, (Never
mind research polls!) and that we have to go with Heritage Foundation’s Oba-Romneycare, with
no Public Option!
I worked on the 1994 Single Payer Campaign. And it’s obvious to me now that for this to succeed, we have to build up a non-corporate political party, and have real progressives in control of Congress and the White House.
Watch PBS Frontline “The Best Campaign Money Can Buy”.
Pay attention at the end of Michael Moore’s SICKO, and see that Hillary was a top recipient
of Insurance Industry money.
Then Google: “Obama took more money from Wall St. than McCain.”
I’m afraid we won’t get much of anything good done until we build up a party that refuses
corporate money, like the Green Party.
The good news is that the popularity of the big 2 corporate parties is pretty low, witness this
last election.
Will rank and file Democrats keep us on the same lethal Dem/Rep zig-zag, or will they
have an open mind, and switch to building a non-corporate party?
Sixty percent of Americans want a new party. With endless war/endless lies, “all secrecy and
no privacy” (-Fingerprint File, Jagger/Richards) and our planet at the “Climate Precipice” (Google that!), it’s time to switch.