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Doctors Group Welcomes National Debate on ‘Medicare for All'


Doctors Group Welcomes National Debate on ‘Medicare for All'

WASHINGTON - The national debate on single-payer health reform, or "Medicare for All," that has emerged in the course of the presidential primaries is a welcome development. But unfortunately a number of misrepresentations about single-payer national health insurance – and the prospects for its attainment – have crept into the dialogue and are potentially misleading the public.

Most of these misrepresentations, or myths, have been decisively refuted by peer-reviewed research. They include the following:



Geez, single payer is long overdue. Teddy Roosevelt proposed a national health care system as part of his 1912 campaign platform and Truman tried to establish a national health care program throughout the late 1940s. Enough already, let's have single payer or Medicare for all NOW!!!!!!!