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Doctors On Covid: We Have Failed Magnificently As A Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/07/doctors-covid-we-have-failed-magnificently-country


…The (G)reedy (O)ppressive §ricks have seen to it, for forty years (Ronny Rayguns!) now…


simply another point in our county’s war on science–when you deny science there is a price to pay and we are paying it right now


What we are looking at is simply the greatest mass suicide in human history! Forget Jonestown in Guyana! Forget the Heaven’s Gate incident!
This is definitely going to go down in history as a case of mass suicide. Even back in the Middle Ages, even when people didn’t have the slightest notion of what germs or infectious agents were, people still tried to avoid the bubonic plague, otherwise known as the Black Death!
In Trump’s America, however, what we are seeing for the first time in human history is a case of millions of people with an apparent death wish deliberately going out of their way to spread a deadly disease, and there is no conceivable precedent for it that I can think of.
In the decades and centuries to come, untold hordes of psychologists, social psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, historians, philosophers, and even theologians are going to be struggling to try to explain this extraordinarily bizarre phenomenon, “Trump’s Coronavirus Suicide Holocaust!”


Perhaps, but how is not dealing with the climate crisis not mass suicide? Perhaps we could call it specicide or biocide but no matter the terminology, the outcome is the same.


“…that when we need to rise up as a country, we have truly no moral capacity to do it.”’

The US government has always been far more able and ready to rain down death than to work towards anything positive. How can that not have consequences, impairment of conscience, deficit of compassion?


And long before COVID-19 US America has failed so many of us, particularly people of color, our youth our ecosystems.

Rather than agitating for violent uprising why not muster the courage to walk away from this horrid system as in Gandhian non cooperation?

From Neil J. Smith (On The Ropes: A Tale Of The 60’s):

It would prove far more beneficial if we give up on this failed system that keeps us bound to the lesser of two evils, which makes us dependent upon evil itself as a way of life, and turns us into cannibals and requires the injury of others for the benefit of our appetites. There is nothing more evil or small minded than to wish the worst on the “least” of us that we might see a brighter day in it for “ourselves” —that is, having fully convinced ourselves that it will prove a brighter day for them as well. I know the cost of violence all too well to agree with this absurd view. I know what violence does to people —their inner selves; their lives. I’ve seen it stunt peoples development. I also know that what we are speaking of is not healthy. Not healthy for ourselves nor for society as a whole. Yet we keep talking. We must, if we truly wish to see a better day for all concerned, be willing to walk away from the trap we call civilization and, in which we now find ourselves ensnared, adore and falsely worship as the “Jewel” in the Crown of Man’s greatest achievement. It is a blatantly absurd and groundless conviction. We must abandon it for what it is, a “Behemoth” that consumes everything, much like Saturn swallowing his children. And so the day will soon come when he shall eat us too. No, we must abandon this delusion, scuttle all that is useless to life and find our way back to a more harmonious way by which “We” embrace life.


The medical systems across the country are at their breaking points, what will happen to us when it snaps? This whole scenario is getting harder and harder to believe it’s not by design. Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I can envision the 1% saying “They want EIM4A, we’ll fix them, no medical care for any of these ungrateful serfs”. Perhaps I’ve just seen too much death in my second career.
“We messed up” might just be the understatement of the century.


From Tales of Power…Don Juan, the Yaqui shaman instructs Carlos Castenada-Our fellow men(the Western culture)are the black magicians. Think for a moment. Can you deviate from the path that they’ve lined up for you? No. Your thoughts and actions are fixed forever in their terms…So fear your captors, your masters, not me.
Our rulers have brainwashed us very successfully for hundreds of years-American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. And, for at least 2000 years, we’ve been brainwashed to believe humans are meant to dominate Gaia, to do whatever we want to her, because the Big Sky Daddy will return and remake the whole mess after first killing off all the non-believers while the righteous are Raptured(to where? A black hole?)
The system is on the edge of a sword over a pool of lava. Are we the warrior king Arthur, meant to survive the ordeal, choosing his steps carefully(a part of the legend of Excalibur that’s still part of certain Wiccan tales) to finally arrive at the Island of Apples, or are we the many failed empires of the past, all doomed by Nemesis for their Hubris. Even Arthur died at the hands of his own son, Mordred…
The minute we thought we were invincible was the minute we were doomed. Now it’s too late. Even those of us who have broken the Matrix must continue to fight the Corporate World. There is no place that’s not ruled by the internet, no place where you’re not forced to do the work yourself without any human contact if possible.
Meanwhile, Trump plays golf while issuing executive orders once again to prevent American vaccines from leaving the country, even though they’re already bought and paid for. Yet he failed to secure enough vaccine for his own people. Why? To watch us fight like rats in a cage like we did last spring for PPE. His gambit? If you flip your electoral votes to me, I will give your state as much vaccine as needed.

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The first six states to receive just one-tenth of the vaccine needed?

Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

To paraphrase playwright Congreve, “Hell hath no fury like a conman scorned.”


Are we surprised the WH is officially denying everything?

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And politics–don’t forget the self-serving politics and the roles they have played in most of the cluster (bleeps!) to which humans around the globe have been exposed for decades now by the reckless acts of the US government.

They are part of the same phenomenon. USians have a great deal of difficulty understanding that a phenomenon can have more than one cause, or that one cause can have more than one effect.

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Yes, and also rather than trying to reform that horrid system. “We” have been doing that, or claiming to, since the 60s, but the evil spirit (“wetico”) has consistently outrun us. The morning after Kerry caved prematurely–much earlier than Gore had done just four years prior, for which he is still excoriated–a friend and I agreed that electoral politics could thenceforth serve only as a rear-guard action, vital but not where the action is. (The friend, whose mother was the county chair of the Democratic party in New Orleans for decades, is much more politically astute and informed than I am.)

So what IS the alternative? IMNSHO, it is the worldwide movement of movements. It is almost invisible until one knows where to look and then continues to do a lot of looking, but it exists everywhere on the globe. Some of the individual movements are small and local, others are huge and global (e.g., Greenpeace). Most are in touch with a few others, but none is in touch with more than a couple hundred out of thousands. They overlap in their missions and their geographic scope, but among them do a lot of essential work, always with space for more. The network is grounded in the cooperative commonwealth, but not all of its nodes are formally organized as coops, quite likely only a minority. I suspect that only a few are focused on political matters.

When the excrement really hits the ventilator (Has this already occurred?), it is those movements that will shoulder the load. This actually happened in the UK during The Blitz, when the Cooperative Wholesale Society, founded in 1844, kept the industrial cities of Britain that were being bombed into dust provisioned when the regular channels were unable to.

Too bad we don’t have such a “deep bench” in the medical arts. We had a pretty good one for several decades after what my parents always called “The War,” and a shoestring version until Donald the Great unstrung it, the Great What left to the imagination.

We cannot assume success, but we can be relatively confident that not all will be lost. Food, clothing, and shelter: We have way more than enough shelter, and at least five years worth of perfectly good clothes in people’s closets. In extremis the food will appear, as it did in the Bible. (Nope, I’m an atheist, but I have that much confidence in humanity when the going really does get tough. Read the stories of the Holocaust, especially Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning. Gender neutral pronouns were in short supply when it was written.)

Now as then, we’re going to lose some people. But if the global population declined by just 2% per year for the 30 years we hope to have to corral global warning, it would be only a few million more than half what it is now.

Suicide my lilly white a**. This is negligent homicide.