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Doctors to Idiot Repubs: Listen to Fauci, Stay On Your Couchy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/15/doctors-idiot-repubs-listen-fauci-stay-your-couchy


Wow. Listening to the words of the murderous occupant in the White House, through the lips of a sane person, with his rambling on about injections and such, and not tuning out because its hard to both listen to and watch him blather on, it sounds even more horrendous and flat out insane.


What a tough call this must be for Trump supporters: Stand with Fauci (Science) or Stand with Stupidity (Trump).


There once was a man–Dr.Fauci,
And President who is so grouchy
For that Trump is a dummy—
Listerine is NOT yummy!
Trump rambles and cries on his couchy!


“On some great and glorious day the plain folk of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
--------H L. Mencken


Uh…Looking back I think Wbush perfectly fit that description…I mean, really? God to him to invade Iraq?

But then go back more years and you get did the idiot Ronald Reagan our Alzheimer’s president. Trump is the end result of 40 years of Reaganism…he’s a perfect finish to four decades of insanity.

And our ONLY allowed so-called ‘choice’ to oust this guy is a neoliberal owned-by-bankers war hawk sack of sh*t who is obviously in serious dementia/mental decline! WTF?

Disclosure: I took care of my 84 yr old grandpa his last half year and I see the exactly same behavior in Biden. No wonder the DNC won’t let him speak except in very very prepared areas on his…‘good days.’ My grandpa had his good days, too, but I wouldn’t have wanted him to drive a car or be freaking president…



Not at all, they’ll go with stupidity or they wouldn’t be Trumpanzees in the first place.


All these leaders are responsible for this Trump number one but also the Gov of NY and Calif could have done more—it was the flow of people coming into the US----Calif has no real health dept----just like there is NO unemployment dept.

We need COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTERS in every neighborhood

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Let’s not put Dr. Fauci on a pedestal.
He’s made plenty of mistakes over his career, and plenty during this pandemic.

Yes, I trust him by miles over Trump.
But by that yardstick, I’d trust also trust a used car salesman, a baboon, and a hunk of cheese.

And if Fauci had any integrity, he’d quit his job and run a Covid19 podcast.


It’s never been a tough call for the tRump Dumps

As my colleague said,

“Red state or blue, there have been no profiles in courage in this pandemic.”

My CA gov Newsom reopened prematurely, instead of listening to science and independent public health experts.

On Democracy Now! a few days ago was an interview with a Dr. Khan. Highly recommended!!!

Dr. Khan’s metric for any reopening of schools (a fulcrum point right now) is to first achieve 25 new daily infections per 1 million.

That is 10 times stronger than CA’s standard for counties to “pass” and be able to open more things up like school. (Maybe today Newsom will, though, at least announce no school reopenings statewide for some months.)

Schools must not become the newest vectors for this disease.

In another topic I linked to a video from Fox news.

In it they showed the contrast between the Ebloa outbreak (Obama Administration) and the COVID19 outbreak (Trump).

Ebola infected 11 people and killed 2. During that outbreak the FOX news teams was slamming the Obama administration for doing nothing, indicating he can not be trusted and warning Americans that the Ebola virus posed a huge risk to all Americans and that the death of any Americans to it would be on Obama’s hands.

They also spokes about DR Fauci , praising his competence and indicating he was a hero and the only person acting to keep it under control.

My how things change. There 138000 dead to COVID, 70000 new infections a day and everything Trump did was correct and Fauci is the villian.

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And that’s precisely the problem! Trump is unimaginably horrid, but our only choice is to replace him with Biden!!

That ain’t a functioning democracy. It’s not even close. It’s time for the US to start again.