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Documents Reveal Active U.S. Support of Indonesian Mass Killings in 1960s


Documents Reveal Active U.S. Support of Indonesian Mass Killings in 1960s

Julia Conley, staff writer

While some describe the newly-released cables as showing the U.S. "stood by" as atrocities were committed, documents show American support amounted to active involvement


Surprise, surprise…NOT! The film, The Year of Living Dangerously (released in 1983) with Sigourney Weaver, Mel Gibson, and Linda Hunt (won best actor award for her role as a man in this film) was based on a true story and it included the US and British collusion. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Year_of_Living_Dangerously_(film)

It received a FIVE-star rating from Roger Ebert back in the day and earned every one and more! The film evokes every human emotion and remains one of the best, most memorable I have ever watched.

There are not too many “conflcts” around the world that the shadow government operatives of the US have not taken part in, caused, or exacerbated for its/their own distorted quest for world hegemony and insatiable need to usurp profitable natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and minerals.


How can this be a surprise? We rank right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and various others committing mass slaughter with the only possible difference that ours stretches over many decades and continues today often, as shown here, with our silent approval and hidden support.


This is not news, but the extra documentation of one of the bigger US-abetted atrocities is always appreciated.

But oh my gosh! The enthusiasm of the USA for preventing any promotion of an economic system for which they had philosophical and religious objections had no bounds! I can hear the CIA agents declaring the death sentences in Suharto’s gangster-run piano-wire beheading chambers** now:

…“You have been found to be a promoter of an economic system that Our Chicago Economists believe to be LESS EFFICIENT!..and oh yeah, you also likened our God to opium! Therefore you must DIE!!!”

And considering those times, it is hard to believe that Obama’s stepfather Lolo Soetoro and Obama’s mother Ann Dunham themselves didn’t at least helped out a bit by turning in at least a few of these atheistic believers-in-less-efficiency too. Maybe even the young 3rd grade Barak (Berry) Soetoro helped out too!

**See the brilliant documentary “The Act of Killing” (Joshua Oppenheimer 2012)


Try lumber and building products, too. Great movie reference to these current revelations. And, the journalists itching to get to Vietnam, where " the real action and stories " were. Oh brother!
How many millions did the colonialists kill in this part of the world, 10-15 million? More?


And the Brits are trying to extract massive amounts of wood products from the US and the Koch Bros./ Georgia Pacific are only too happy to accommodate their needs…for a tidy sum.


“The Act of Killing” is one of the best and most disturbing documentaries ever made. It contains profound reflections on the worst of human nature. It is sorry to know that so much death and destruction took place because people in foreign lands wanted more money. Perhaps some believed in an abstract utilitarian argument that says a capitalist economic system produces a greater good for future generations. It’s difficult to arrive at the conclusion by looking at degenerate Indonesia today or by imagining the Indonesia that may have been without the mass murder. Didn’t China survive it’s communism and even end up down every aisle at Wal-Mart?


Another documentary from 1965 is “Mondo Cane” (it’s a dog’s world) that provides actual footage of all the most sordid acts perpetrated by humans of all nationalities/ethnicities/sexes…against animals, their friends, their enemies, the environment, and all life. I left the theater inconsolable as did my friends at the time. The images have never left my memory.


I once work with a man that claimed to be in plain cloths there while being in the Air Force. He wasn’t allowed to wear his dog-tags. He was to say that he took a vacation there, he and his whole crew of bomb loading experts. They had to wear tan pants and Hawaiian shirts. A real nice guy but somehow managed to go through life not having to work, people just gave him stuff. Real nice guy but it all made you wonder if you were safe or being sold out.


Yes they are. And, much of what they do can be done with " engineeered wood products " from the NW. Spent 3+ years working with folks in Tacoma on doing just that. It’s like pulling teeth with changing some of these companies.


These were not must “killings” or mass killings. Many thousands of people were literally hacked up and tortured to death in the a horrific episode of barbarity led by the United States.


Maybe frequent contributor Bill Moyers can shed some light on LBJ’s position towards Indonesia back in 1965. I say, lets blame Kennedy for initiating the murderous policy because after all, Kennedy started our involvement in Vietnam.


I forget what grade I was in but when V/N started hitting the news I sent Kennedy a letter asking why. Instead of a polite letter to a kid in grade school, I got a folder full of propaganda. Leaflets and fold outs and just junk. I think I finally threw it out in the late 60’s. Now I kinda wish I had it.


The whole Native American issue makes me sick. That’s where it started, this taste for blood. We are the experts. That’s what we do. “All men are created equal”, democracy, inclusion, morals and ethic’s be damned.


No offense but my post was dripping with revisionist historical sarcasm as many “historians” enjoy laying the Vietnam adventure on Kennedy who, if the records are accurate, was blown away before less than 100 Americans had been killed in Vietnam since 1952. Maybe that letter should have been sent 2 years later when LBJ open up the floodgates for boots on the ground.


It seems to me I was in the 6th grade, maybe the 5th, not sure and of course the troops were referred to as advisors then. I do remember the justification had to do with the availability of rice. Ha


Australia stood by and let Indonesia invade East Timor in 1975, with similar results. And we had a left wing anti-US government at the time. We wanted to steal their oil and resources too. Our PM Gough Whitlam is still a hero to the left here, yet also a war criminal.


When the Dictator of Indonesia wanted more military arms he asked for and got them from the Nixon Ford presidency.
US afraid of the COMMIES and our military game players talking of the Domino theory Indonesia got every form of military supplies just short of a Nuke.
Indonesia had been so brutally corrupt that they had many oppressed minorities rebelling.
Weyerhaeuser was raping every valuable stick of hardwoods they denuded and while doing so they had gov remove whole villages.
Oil fields burned over the lesser forest for roads etc. Also stealing indigenous peoples land.
When Nixon was removed the Indonesian leadership asked Ford if US would interfere as he wanted to attack the largest minority group that was rebelling.
News cast had shown upon US media the outright gunning down of protestor and even a US newsperson, so Indonesian leader wanted assurances.
Ford and his advisors said OK but such a tion had to be "very short in Duration.
It was and an estimated 200,000 mostly unarmed indigenous died within 70 days.
Ford and advisors so happy for no bad press, of course the dead in US news were all commies, he sent Indonesian President a box of golf balls with the Seal of US Presidency upon them.
So for the price, it cost nothing as golf balls presented free by VOIT to all Presidents, we aided in the indiscriminate stabbings, shootings and hacking to death of old and minors, men and women,
So when Ford died the powers that be gave him a DC funeral on the order of Russias Lenin and Stalin
China’s Mao.
No one mentioned that it was also for Pardoning of Nixon.


Liberals never Crtivize there own: Bills run for Presidency received tons of cash from an Indonesian billionaire with lucrative State contracts under Clinton Governorship

Clinton repayedit was illegal then to receive foreign money for campaign funds but of Course billionaire lived in Arkansas he gave Bill Rose law Firm real IN GOD WE TRUST; payment came When Bill made part of UTAH a lark and ended any mining in area…
AREA contained only undeveloped deposits or rare earth minerals in US. Minerals then imported by guess who from Indonesia
DIANE the pig Feinstein, yes she disgust me, and the California tortoise saving the animal lovers were crying over.
EELL SHE TOOK 50% OF LAND and gave 5p% to off roaders, as if tortoise even very slow never talked out of their area.
So within one month 3 months beforr a firm from Indonesia had made her Husband a huge share in their mining company for his mere 100,000 A full fledged partner. WITH DOMESTIC MINING SHUT DOWN INDONESIA ONCE MORE EXPORTED TO US THODE RATE MINERSLS AND 3 MONTHS AFTER BILL DIGNING HER HUBBYD 100,000 was worth 150.000,000 $.
Wring your hands and cry crocodile tears but you have been supporting some of most piggish people in world.
Sorry if I offend any of the pigs you may have as pets.