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Documents Reveal WH Officials Tried to Use $250 Million in Taxpayer Money on Covid Ad Campaign to Boost Trump Reelection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/documents-reveal-wh-officials-tried-use-250-million-taxpayer-money-covid-ad-campaign

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Trump regime corruption that we actually hear about is just the tip of the iceberg of rampant corruption.


What else is “new”?

Diabolically clever of this megalomaniac to constantly beat the drum of "fake news!"so that the only infomercials to be believed by his subbasement base will be that which places him precisely in that “rosy light”. And then the constant attacks on science he has outdone Hitler’ Ministry of Propaganda. And the poor fools don’t know, at least consciously, how they are all being led off the cliff too.

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He has a lot of company making it all possible: from the media that was looking to boost their ratings and creating this Frankenstein and continuing to provide him a platform and then the Confederates out to destroy the Union.

Grift O’Topia; in this mis-administration, brazen in-your-face grifting every damn day.

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Politics has become steadily more polarized since Rush and Fox.
We all know otherwise good people who have come under the spell of these influences along with right-wing church doctrine.
If only we could clap our hands three times and they would come out of this right-wing fog.
I fear that the damage has been done, and we have to cut the gangrene leg completely off in order to survive.

Gee, if one didn’t know any better, you might wonder if perhaps one of those putin chats with drumpf was about falling behind on his money losing golf course Russian mob held mortgage payments.

“A spokesperson for HHS told Politico Thursday that the ad campaign is currently under review and said Azar was unaware of Caputo’s involvement with the public relations effort.”

I had thought Azar was discredited last week.
What does it take?
Three strikes and you’re out.

Hey, DC, can we get some really good leaks out tonight. The Friday night blitz is not getting attention any more.

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