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Documents Show California Pipeline Spill Much Worse Than Initially Disclosed


Documents Show California Pipeline Spill Much Worse Than Initially Disclosed

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An oil pipeline spill along the Santa Barbara coast this spring may have been up to 40 percent bigger than originally estimated, documents made public Wednesday revealed.

The quarterly earnings report for Texas-based Plains All American Pipeline disclosed that as many as 143,000 gallons of crude may have been spilled during the May 20 pipeline rupture. Previous estimates held that approximately 101,000 gallons were spilled.


Last week I stopped there at the beach to touch the water , when i got down to the beach it looked dotted with black crap , a gal walking down the beach barefoot kept stopping and looking at her feet . It smelled of solvent (dispersant???) my beach walk ended prematurely .


The psychic price we also pay at the pump.


Since when have “estimates” disseminated by the offenders come anywhere near the reality/truth? They simply pay the fines and return to business as usual as soon as the news cycles covering the mishaps come to an end. Walking on any beach subjected to major oil spills is inadvisable, especially when the oil was treated with dispersant chemicals (to make it “look” clean) as was the case with the massive oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico (Deep Water Horizon and BP in 2010) whose disastrous effects will be felt over hundreds of years.

One would think that the moneyed residents of Santa Barbara and adjacent equally prosperous communities would have enough clout to abolish offshore drilling or at the very least, to make sure there is no more future expansion of drilling activities anywhere near their beachfronts.