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Documents Show Police Using Private Security Firms to Target Anti-Pipeline Organizers Fighting Line 3 Project

Documents Show Police Using Private Security Firms to Target Anti-Pipeline Organizers Fighting Line 3 Project

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Minnesota police, according to records obtained by The Intercept, have spent more than a year gearing up for a militarized standoff with those opposed to Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands pipeline, even borrowing from the playbook of North Dakota law enforcement, which launched a brutal response to the Indigenous-led demonstrations against the Dakota Access pipeline in 2016.


Two can play that game.

Protesters must enroll an equal force of like minded, veterans and assorted ex-military, ex-law enforcement, generally, any trained individuals with skills in weapons use, to stand their ground with those protesting and provide security for these folks.

The key will be maintaining equal numbers capable of defending the whole movement.


Isn’t Embridge a foreign nation corporation? If so, shouldn’t they go down to Mexico and wait in line with all the other people who are trying to get here too Maybe they should bring their kids , because, you know, if other nations kids are taken, as awful as that is, wouldn’t the Embridge Corp. people’s kids be taken too?
If they are from a foreign nation----why do they have more rights that indigenous people of America?
Does a foreign nation have a right to destroy the water of the American people? If yes, ----WHY? Is this a war, and if yes, shouldn’t the police and military point their weapons at the enemy… and the enemy is not the indigenous people.
If private security firms are from another nation… isn’t that an invasion?---------America loses its mind and then loses its water----and loses its collective life. : (


My thought exactly. Enbridge is an alien corporation. Why is the police not only acting on its behalf against American citizens, but coordinating efforts with it.


I think these NAFTA and other internatoonal agreements make it so you can sue people or other entities in a different country if they interfere with your profits.
Foreign corporations have rights, just not foreign people.


It is the ISDS provisions of the “trade” agreements.




There are millions of people living in privation and terror right now due to climate change.

The International Red Cross estimates that there are more environmental refugees than political refugees fleeing from wars and other conflicts. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says 36 million people were displaced by natural disasters in 2009, the last year such a report was taken. Scientists predict this number will rise to at least 50 million by 2050. Some say it could be as high as 200 million.


Sad testament to the extremist authoritarian governance, aligned with an undemocratic compliant ‘justice’ system, that allow and encourage injustice to be enacted.
If on the lookout for extremists, pro-environmental economics is not your target. But do target petro-politics and the insecurity firms that move like cowboys unfettered by justice. After all, they are enforcing that corporations are more equal than people, and have the rights to enact coercive undemocratic power.


But Wait, There’s More!
Google “PolyMet mine MN” and you will find that approval is all but completed for a copper/nickel mine in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA.) This type of mining requires an enormous dam to allow water and toxic tailings to be contained. This would be built in Minnesota’s BWCA, much to our citizens’ consternation. Dams rupture (see Brazil.) Tailings pollute the land and find their way to Lake Superior (see Reserve Mining, asbestos tailings, Judge Miles Lord, etc.)

Why do we Minnesotans have to go through this again? Well, Money. Much of the northern part of our state relies on Mining, going back to the days of iron mining on the great Mesabi Range. Miners hold lots of political clout “up north.” So it’s Jobs, which both parties use for leverage, although the Repubs make the best promises so they usually get the vote.

The other main industry is Tourism. The lakes and forests of Northern Minnesota are beautiful. They are full of walleye, lake trout and other fish. Canoeing is very popular and lucrative (see Ely… pronounced Eee-Lee, and BWCA.) BTW you won’t see many speedboats nor jet-skis because of the huge boulders lurking just below the surface.

So basically, $$$ and greed trumps Beauty.


In reality this part of the same old process of the Commons versus Private property. Under the system of the commons all peoples have a stake in the commons and all should have a say as to how it used and exploited. Under what deemed “Private Property” , those deemed the owners of what used to be the commons can do as they wish with their property and this enforced via Governments .

The “commons” is inclusionary. Private property is exclusionary.

Libertarians have it ass backwards.


Why are the people trying to protect the water demonized as criminals, and the people trying to destroy the water… are not criminals? $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

And on top of that, you have major polluter 3M to deal with up there.

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This is our fight to fight skeezyks. I am a MN resident as well, grew up for part of my life in Hibbing.
PolyMet is also very likely to pull a big old bait 'n switch and they kind of ‘have to’ in order make an actual profit. Ugh.
Enbridge needs to get the hell out of our state. Period.
Neither of these corporations are worth a damn when it comes to keeping agreements i.e. clean up and maintenance, and given the small number jobs that may be created are certainly not worth the risks that they pose to Water and the surrounding ecosystems involved.
Let’s fight 'em. Water is Life.

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Meanwhile, the bundys were given a presidential pardon…

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You would not think so by looking at them now, but the oathkeepers were originally intended to serve a similar function.
It took the establishment less than 2 months to infiltrate and subvert the movement, turning them into yet another rightwing nutjob militia.

As the founders of this nation did hundreds of years ago, all states would benefit from corporate abuses by forming people’s militias ready and willing to be deployed to needed areas to combat militarized actions against citizens exercising their rights to protest and defend lands from pollution.

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HI helen----oh crap---- NAFTA sold out the People?- Then we have been turned into serfs faster than I thought possible! : (

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Skeezyks I hadn’t heard about that copper-nickle mine that will be affecting the BWCA. I live in South Texas but used to go canoeing/fishing up there as a kid. (Wed outfit at Seagull Lake at the end of the Gunflint Trail then go way back into other lakes and fish for two weeks.) You’re right! That area is indeed beautiful, the fishing outstanding, and the water is so clean you can dip a cup over the edge of your canoe for a fresh cold drink. Building a pond to hold tailings anywhere near there would be criminal just like the pipeline is. I’ve been wanting to visit friends in Minneapolis anyway so I might as well just plan for a longer stay, pack my hunting rifle, and bring along some Alamo whupass at the same time. Gawd I’m tired of capitalism and the greedpigs that make their personal fortunes off the exploitation of natural treasures that simply cannot be repaired or replaced AFTER they make their fortunes and leave us the mess to clean up. I’m still trying to get control of my anger after that tailing pond in Colorado broke and dumped cyanide and tailings from an old gold mine into the pristine Animus River between Silverton and Durango back in 2009. Grrrrr!!! Fuck!!!