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'Dodgy Dave' Off the Hook: No Investigation Into Cameron Over Panama Papers Revelation


'Dodgy Dave' Off the Hook: No Investigation Into Cameron Over Panama Papers Revelation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Dodgy Dave" appears to be off the hook.

According to new reporting on Thursday, British Prime Minister David Cameron will not face an inquiry by the parliamentary watchdog over controversy surrounding his benefiting from an offshore fund.


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This kind of overlord behaviour is no surprise in our neofeudal system. The importance of the Panama Papers, like the 9/11 Commission, lies in what is not released and why.


Well, you know, it was only 27000GBP which last time I looked at the value of the GBP was 5400 pints of Best British Bitter which is only a 3 years boozing at just on 5 pints a night. Give the man a break, he was sent to a Public School as a child and thus needs all the support he can get

And he did sell the shares before he became PM. And he IS British, after all.


I seem to recall that if a certain number of Brits sign a petition then parliament has to debate the issue. Seems like Dodgy Dave offer a myriad of issues that could garner the requisite signatures and give the parliament a slew of opportunities to take a closer look at Mr Dodgy.


It was already debated, that's where he picked up the nickname 'Dodgy Dave' when he was called it by Labour MP Dennis Skinner, who was then thrown out of parliament for refusing to retract the 'abuse.'


Hi Hob,

Thanks for the reminder. I was/am thinking of maybe a series of different but closely related petition topics that would keep the spotlight on. Is that possible?


Well, I'd sign them. You need to get 100,000 signatures for each topic and seems the Cameron story has already gone off the boil in the media and now everyone is back to debating Brexit. I mean if 150,000 people marching through London calling for Cameron to resign didn't even get a mention on the BBC or Murdoch's Sky News, or have much effect, it would be hard to get publicity for them. And there are 8,9242 petitions submitted at present.