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Does Anti-Muslimism Enable Anti-Semitism?

Does Anti-Muslimism Enable Anti-Semitism?

Juan Cole

The outbreak of violence in the past week by two far right extremists, one of them a big Trump fan and the other inspired by Trump talking points but somewhat to the president’s right, has been deeply entangled with violence against minorities.


With regards to these websites that speak to “rape epidemics by Muslims”. These people are very selective about what statitistics they source or how they report on a story. Just as example to that man who ran down those people in Toronto. The Canadian Governmnet, press and media were very careful about immediately suggesting it an act of terrorism. They all indicated the mans background had to be looked into first. Indeed on a local CONSERVATIVE talk show when the news heard and someone called in indicating it might have been a “syrian terrorist” the host cut him off and indicated he was being irresponsible and sensationalist. As it turned out murderer had personal issues of his own and it had nothing to do with “Middle Eastern Terrorists”.

That said when I got home I browsed through a number of news aggregator sites and there were a whole pile of “news Stories” on the incident from the Foreign Media, based in the USA and the UK mostly , that were claiming or suggesting it a “terrorist attack”. Those sites news stories were then cited by those that have an agenda against Muslims to cite those articles as FACT.

Mr Trump as also been outspoken about other identifiable groups such as “Mexican Rapists”. This in turn has emboldened the White Racists to vocalize and act upon their own Racism and Bigotry , such as a little black boy being accused of sexual assault on a white women when his backpack brushed against her, the Woman calling Police on a group of Black people having a barbeque in a park and rants in lineups for Coffee or at grocery stores against Hispanic peoples for daring to speak in Spanish.

Now Mr trump did not create this racism and bigotry. It has always been been there with those that ascribe to that belief system keeping those thoughts to themselves. In SOME ways their expressing it aloud can be helpful to a society as it makes it clear to the community at large that it IS an issue nad has NOT gone away. I do recall conversations on boards such as this prior to Trump where some maintained Racism no longer an issue in the USA.

What is encouraging is the number of people who , on hearing or witnessing this racism in action in their everyday lives will speak up against it and defend the target of the same. I see it akin to waking up late one evening and seeing a cockroach scurrying back to hide under a stove. Until you SEE that cockroach you might be unaware you have a cockroach problem.


Every anti-_____ism feeds upon and aggravates the others.

That’s the danger of identity politics as played by both of our major parties: Dividing to conquer mostly does the former.


Occupy Wall Street (OWS) boiling the current world order down to its lowest common denominator (1% verses the 99%) applies to authoritarianism as much as it applies to other forms of economic and cultural dominance by the 1%.

The end game for Trump, the GOP and all other authoritarians throughout history has been and continues to be concentration of all wealth in the hands of the 1%. Neofeudalism is a very succinct 21st century definition of the end game. It matters not who or what the initial waves of disciples of hate target, because everybody not in the 1% elite will be a target…if not now, certainly later.


We can propose workable solutions or preach to the choir:

I don’t think Netanyahu, Lauder and the like have anything to fear from feeding anti-Semitism.

Only Jews outside their elite circles will experience its horrors, and they’re acceptable “collateral damage” for the cause of Eretz Yisrael.

Yes. The ADL sat essentially silent as American anti-Muslim hate grew. They were just fine with it as they harbor the same bigotry. I posted many times about how the Jews were next.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, and a big WOMP, WOMP.

“And then they came for me”

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