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Does Bernie Sanders Offer Education Advocates Enough? Are We Feelin’ the Bern or Just Feelin’ Burned?


Does Bernie Sanders Offer Education Advocates Enough? Are We Feelin’ the Bern or Just Feelin’ Burned?

Steven Singer

You probably didn’t hear about this on the news.

To my knowledge no one covered it on TV, the newspaper or even on the blogosphere.

But Bernie Sanders may have made a reply to his Democratic Primary rival Hillary Clinton’s gaffe about closing public schools.

“I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job,” Clinton said at a campaign stop in Iowa on Dec. 22.


Agree. C'mon, Bernie, let educators know where you stand in more depth.

And Steven, I dearly hope that he outlines a good enough plan to earn your vote. There are so many ways he will put the brakes on this "race to the bottom."


With a focus of the campaigns being on paying for higher education it does seem we have heard little about K-12. This is a complex issue and can't be addressed with tweets. Even policy wonk Martin O'Malley has not put out a policy on K-12 education. So there is not much to go on except voting records for Sanders and Clinton and for O'Malley his claim that when he was governor Maryland schools were number one in the nation for four or five years in a row.


What is Steven Singer whining about? What is with his astonishing, Hillary-like impatience? Get a life.


Hillary will say what she thinks she needs to.
Bernie seems to wait for the truth to percolate. Maybe he's studying the situation.


Singer sez: "If he gave us a major policy speech, he’d find his campaign offices flooded with new volunteers."

Ah, yes. That worked great in 2008, but I'd rather hoped we were getting past voting for/against speeches.


Should she end up being elected Prez, expect Clinton's education policy to be very similar to Obama's sorry one under Arne Duncan. The establishment wins, kids and teachers lose.


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Sometimes I get the feeling that Sanders doesn't want to criticize Obama's education policy. Obama is still very popular among Democrats. Criticism of Obama could alienate an essential portion of the electorate.


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"But somehow when it comes to K-12 schools, he’s got very little to say."

Why bother to beleaguer this point? Is there any alternative to Sanders? Be realistic.

If Sanders doesn't become the Democratic contender, then it's game over, even if he goes back on the promise to support whoever runs as the pick of the Democratic Party. He could certainly break that promise on the basis of the recent disruptive and malicious treatment he received from the DNC. If I were Sanders, I would rescind that promise of party support and would advocate against the Democratic Party pick while providing support of the Green Party pick, Jill Stein. I think his inability to run and his aggressive promotion of a third party could result in the demise of the two party duopoly that is the corrupted scourge that is US politics, society, and economic system. At such a point it will not matter who runs for the Republican Party because HRC would be the most dangerous pick as the occupant of the White House.


I'm feeling the Bern! Is it possible that if Bernie brought up the subject of K-12 education, Hillary can fire back with the fact that both teachers' unions endorsed her? If Hillary was to bring up education would the topic that Hillary was on the board of Walmart prior to President Clinton getting into office be brought up? Would it open the door of the discussion of President Clinton's education reform Goal 2000 that advanced charter schools? The truth is, Hillary is friends with the very people that have helped business make money in education. She talks the talk, but Bernie walks the walk. Who do you want for president? A lady that may give you a temporary fix or a man that is focusing on fixing the root of the problem, poverty.


I just checked the feelthebern.org website and Bernie appears to have a very clear position against standardized testing, for educational flexibility and in support of teachers and their right to organize. In my opinion, there is no other candidate who comes close to the straightforward position espoused by Bernie.


Sanders has no business saying he will hire more teachers for public schools. Sanders can't hire more K-12 teachers; states or municipalities hire more public school teachers, and local authorities or school systems solicit and/or approve them. I can't say that there is even a major issue in the matter because I couldn't quote anything from Sanders that is related to this sociopolitical area. The real area of conflict is over the more than decade of primary education evolution that has occurred here in the US that is over the privatization of schooling. Not parochial or ethnic schools or prep schools, but rather charter schools,the for profit money and wealth generating machines that are rotting the US educational systems. That is what he should dwell upon.

Oh, by the bye. HRC is a self-promoting, amoral, uncompassionate, "tell the fools anything they want to hear", faux feminist, greedy, social climbing, politico and user dilettante who could be responsible for the ultimate demise of most organisms on planet Earth while she goes about gratifying her own super-ego.

Sanders offers enough for me. If he is nominated, he will certainly win the POTUS pos. If he addresses the rot that is US education, that will be enough for me.