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Does Betsy DeVos Understand the Impact of Poverty and Trauma on Children’s Learning?

Does Betsy DeVos Understand the Impact of Poverty and Trauma on Children’s Learning?

Christine Mason, Maud Schaafsma

Educators who look at learning from a developmental perspective know that the trauma and toxic stress associated with poverty can seriously interfere with a child’s brain development and inhibit learning. Children who have been overwhelmed by stress or exposure to violence, and experience lack of security frequently have difficulty controlling impulsive behavior and focusing their attention on tasks at school. While these behaviors are disruptive in classrooms – they are devastating to the children themselves.

Of course she doesn’t understand this as she’s had no close encounters with poverty other than looking at it as if through a microscope at some alien life form.

Interesting that this article fails to mention another important effect on children’s health that disproportionately affects poor children which is pesticides and other toxic chemicals in the environment. Take a look at Sharon Lerner’s outstanding article at TI today regarding Dow’s chlorophyrifos and how pervasive and damaging it is to children’s development and cognitive abilities.


Republicans just want serfs not thinkers, Republicans the like of DeVos do not want well informed citizenry as they don’t usually vote republican. Keep the sheeps in line so dummy them down.

Or you could say neoliberals and one world order want serfdom for their kingdom. It has been going this way for 35 years. Is anyone surprised?


In some cases an Educational Professional is the only Caring Adult some of these at-risk children have in their lives.

The Common Core assault on the Educational Experience makes it incalculably more difficult for these bonds to Form and Thrive,


Even if she understood she would not care. She is one of the grifters.



Remember, there is a difference between educated and smart. A person with a high school education can still be smart regarding survival, people and mechanical skills et al. Educated usually refers to academic.

One has to wonder: Why do poor people actually continue on with life and even multiply?

She’ll make this okay couched in religion and the flat earth theory.

Personally, I understand how people can be poor- especially if someone has a medical crisis. However, if one is poor already then insists on living on “love” and insists on having kids who are raised in poverty- that I do NOT understand.

Betsy de Vos knows nothing about Ed. Perhaps she does not want her property taxes to pay for public schools and probably hates fire fighters and police as well.

De Vos like most rethugs believes that disabled people are mistakes or g-d 's punishment for something they did in a past life.