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Does Big Money Still Matter?


Does Big Money Still Matter?

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

During the past few months, I’ve been flying around the country talking about my new book Corporate Citizen?, which deals with money in politics and our privately-financed elections. (I’ll be talking about the book in New York October 27th.)


Voting: How citizens express a preference for one of the oligarch's candidates. Not related to 'Governance'.

Break out of the two-party prison: Vote Green


"Campaign finance reform" is a shell game that the 1% always win and the 99% always loses.

The only real reform is public financed elections where all private campaign finance is illegal.


When its money versus a politician's good intentions, it seems money usually wins. Trying to prevent this by authoritarian means means that authoritarians usually win. In either case, the people lose.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


Does big money still matter?
Well of course it does.
It buys access.
Even though Mercer spent $37.5 million to support Republicans, it's a sure bet that if he asked Hillary for a meeting he'd get one.
It's also a safe bet to think that the $50 dollars my crazy aunt sent to Hillary won't get my crazy aunt the time of day from Hillary.


Truth be told, high cost tv advertising is indeed losing its effectiveness as voters become more skeptical. So in a certain sense, "big money" is indeed less effective, or at least experiencing significantly decreased marginal returns.


Not to mention that less and less people, especially young people, watch TV. Most of their entertainment and news comes from the internet. Which is why the government and corporations want to limit net neutrality


This is the real question? Why is Hillary Clinton still attending fundraisers in Oct. From your account she has raised something like seven times the money compared to Trump-yet she and Obama are still attending fundraisers.

Its amazing how little coverage these fundraisers get.