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Does Chicago need a Katrina? A Response


Does Chicago need a Katrina? A Response.

Adolph Reed Jr.

[The following piece is in response to Kristen McQueary's column in the Chicago Tribune on how Chicago could use a Hurricane Katrina.]


" Out of the mouths of babes and suckling infants " comes the Corporate Shillary which nourishes the future fascists America’s 1%ers so desperately need. To promote their agenda requires willful ignorance and useful idiots like Ms. McQueary. She seems quite up to the task, too. Did she read Milton while studying and head right to the 2nd City to promote his new business religion. She applauds an attempt across this country of promoting the business theory of " creative destruction ". Create a climate where all is destroyed except the ownership society rag she wrote this article for. And the privatizers who’ll swoop in and steal city services for pennies on the dollar. This how your public schools, water and electricity gets stolen and how the middle class lose their pensions. The Chicago Tribune is the Midwest’s WSJ and about as useful, too. Wrapping my fish guts up in either is actually pleasurable and good for the environment. Throwing Ms. McQueary into that mix would be good for the environment also and she’d probably feel right at home. A win-win to be sure.


There was a time when the Tribune did cover the news in pretty good detail, that was years ago. Although its editorial page has always been reactionary, I used to look forward to the Comics Section and Dick Tracy. One of Tracy’s foes, years ago, was a character named B. O. Plenty, an apt descripton of today’s Trib.


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Excellent article. Tax the damn rich and Chicago–along with the rest of the states will benefit Ms.McQueary!


She is also suffused with racism as her dearth of empathy has Black Race written all over it. This dingbat probably would have visited the former New Orleans and eaten at an American chain-style “restaurant.”