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Does Democratic Party Discord Portend Disaster at Convention?



I think this article verifies the "case" made by Lobo4justice.

This is part of what s/he posted on the Borosage thread today:

"I've been following Borosage throughout this campaign waiting for him to begin coopting Bernie supporters into Clinton's camp, as I've considered the Campaign for America's Future to be a democratic front group for quite some time. In the statement above he clinches it. Apparently Borosage and the Democratic Party do not understand that Bernie earned his supporters' trust and through their independent actions, they catapulted Bernie forward."

Right on, Lobo!

Also, if the FBI has a history of infiltrating groups regarded as too big a challenge to the status quo (and Business As Usual interests), they could easily have entered the Sanders' camp to act as Agent Provocateurs.

In this way, the meme could circulate that Sanders' followers are "violent." This would be used to discredit Sanders and create a patina of legitimacy over the Clinton Machine and its claim to the American throne.


"Does Democratic Party Discord Portend Disaster at Convention?
Harping on convention controversy fuels Sanders' challenge to the mainstream establishment"

The only disaster that the headline seems to be talking about, based on the subhead that follows, is Sanders's challenge to the mainstream since 'harping on' controversy would help Sanders. I think this headline and what follows totally disrespects Sanders and his supporters. If that wasn't the intent, it needs to be changed.


The DNC is the divisive one.


One can only hope.


Wow you read my mind. Because it seems a little strange that at a fight should break out. At the Democratic Primary the other day.


The entire tone of this article is framed in a manner that already excludes Sanders as a potential winner. I am not sure if the author understands that by their very nature independents are critical thinkers that analyze situations hence, they are independent of party affiliations. This article is disrespectful to any intelligent person and to attempt to frame the argument in this manner is an insult to the readers. If this line of argument continues by the DNC and all their lackeys will hand the presidency over to Trump. I find it interesting that even Warren has taken to insult and bash Trump but has yet taken a stance against the injustice in her own party, frauds.


Voters/citizens are sick and tired of divisive/partisan party politics, self-serving politicians and open servitude to big-money and the uber-wealthy!

Bernie Sanders message of change is a threat to continued business as usual. Clinton, her in-party sycophants and elected representatives, ostensibly Of, By and For the people, and the MSM have sabotaged, undermined and shown contempt for Sanders and his millions of supporters - contempt for the will of the people to serve their clients - banks/Wall St, corporate pirates, "free-trade"-deal scams, the war machine and the richest among us, the 1%.

Millions, including myself, will never vote the lesser-evil scam or for Clinton or Trump - let the chips fall where they may. To Hell with them all! No Justice, NO peace! Bernie ALL the way!


I am beginning to think this is the republican party, lies and more lies, no facts, baseless. I've been listening to Thom Hartman this AM and one super delegate, and rep Nina Turner were on his show to explain there take on what happended being there for 8 hours and 14 hours.

Basically, there was anger as the women leader of DNC told Bernie Supporters they needed to have written amendments before 9:30 with signatures. They got the amendments written and signatures and in before 9:30 and she denied them to be brought up. Neither of these women saw any violence, one supporter picked up a chair and another supporter stopped that individual.

Lies, lies and more lies by the establishment and media who are all out for Clinton. Who know who the media wants but surely it is not Bernie. They are in it for more advertising $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Billions being made and they know it is not right for America and good for their bottom line.


It may be trite and banal, but there is some good news because the demonization of some of Bernie's acolytes as violent means Bernie is winning too many primaries.

" The reversion to violence and threat by Progressives is inappropriate and counter productive." Bloom

First the MSM ignored Bernie as not worthy of their time and Trump took over the corporate airwaves ad nauseum; then the MSM laughed at Bernie as a joke; But now the demonization of Bernie has started, because Bernie is getting huge crowds while Hillary is getting smaller crowds and only winning some primaries mostly where Independents cannot vote for Bernie.

So, this new phase of Bernie pejoratives by the MSM tells me we are winning and the HRC campaign is getting panicky; especially now that most nationwide polls show that Bernie is the strongest candidate against Trump.

One more point, according to the DNC, the super delegates were installed to make sure the strongest candidate was given the Democratic nomination for POTUS, so it looks like Bernie will expose that at the Philly convention, that the super delegates need to support Bernie if they want to support their strongest candidate.


This perspective has been planned and Nevada, whether instigated or even initiated by provocateurs, fed the game plan. The Dems are worried that Hillary is not popular (and Hillary herself is so untrustworthy that even they don't trust her I think) with the public while Trump has a clear field and Bernie keeps gaining on her. It is thus necessary for them to make support for Sanders as a being a bad thing. They want to associate supporting Sanders as anti democracy even.

So along comes Nevada and the Dems immediately start to hurl slander against the most polite and decent candidate this whole election season because for them it is not about the truth but about what they want people to think is the truth. In other words it is about what they want you to believe regardless of what actually happened. When in Nevada they abruptly changed the rules and ruled out (according to those new changes) 56 delegates that supported Sanders they don't want people to oppose their cheating and rigging the game. Was this reaction expected by the Dems? You bet they expected people to react to that dirty trick of changing the rules and it sure seems likely that expecting people to be angry that there were provocateurs in the crowd whose job it was to make things look bad.

It doesn't take much to cause excess. Trump did it himself and saw a protester attacked by one of his supporters. Meanwhile Bernie has ever been the gentleman in this election and that needed to be changed. The status quo wants to smear Bernie supporters (and thus Bernie by association) and make them look bad.

Was this set up? Who can say? Was this expected or some angry reaction to changing the rules to help Hillary? How could people being angry at that not be expected to happen? Were there provocateurs to make things look bad and give the Hillary camp excuses to cast slurs etc? How could that be? Why that would be like cheating.

They are scared that Hillary may lose.
They are scared that Hillary may win and be unable to govern.
They are actually scared that when Hillary goes back on her promises and campaign positions that all hell will break loose.

That happens when people are cheated and the people who cheated them try to say that their rules allow them to get away with cheating people. You can't change the rules and then say the rules allow you to cheat and expect people to go along with that.

Also the Dems are deathly afraid that there will be protests and demonstrations at the convention and so they are trying hard to preempt.

They know how much they have been cheating and rigging the game but they just want to get past the convention easily. Hillary is on shaky ground and if the FBI doesn't want to help The Don - Donald Trump and his connections gaining deep secrets then they just might stop delaying the announcement of an indictment and show their respect for the law. They just may ensure a Trump win if they indict after the nomination.



I see plenty reason for Sanders to break away from the conventional Democratic Party and run under his own flag in November.
After all this he cannot possibly be expected to endorse Clinton and abandon his supporters in the process,


But "to merely condemn without context is to perpetuate a different type of violence," wrote lecturer and commentator Peter Bloom on Wednesday. "It is to be willfully blind to the institutional ways Democratic elites are alienating outside voices demanding genuine as opposed to surface level change to the Party and nation...."

... What does it say if the localized violence in a Nevada caucus room trumps the global violence of a candidate who has advocated disastrous military interventions from Iraq to Libya? Should there be more worry for a protest at a rally than for the millions of lives ruined by an economic crisis by a financial sector that Clinton did little to resist and that continues to support her?

I'm really not opposed to property violence considering that Clinton offers no hope for the future, and that seems to be about the only thing that gets the media's attention. However violence against individual people, even in opposition, should not be tolerated.

Thanks for the mention Siouxrose.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

I do believe we have officially entered the fight part of “then they fight you” quote from Gandhi.

Hopefully HRC will stop with the extremely annoying "laugh at you" behavior that she so consistently exhibits when confronted with a truth she wants to deny.

Where is the proof of violence at the Nevada convention?
Where is the proof that the threatening calls were made by Sanders supporters?


Non violence works while any form of violence is immediately rejected by the public. It is only because non violence can't be dismissed easily that it is unstoppable. No win was achieved by violence yet MLK and others showed how justice is its own defense. Truth is its own defense. But violence is its own indictment.


Violence comes from the right -- it's the only way the can rise and that's always been true.

And, I argue again that we need to find ways to protect Bernie Sanders as his popularity rises.

Btw . . . Bernie Sanders: 'Shots Were Fired Into My Campaign Office in Nevada

I should add here that months ago, during the Nevada campaign, shots were fired into my campaign office in Nevada and apartment housing complex my campaign staff lived in was broken into and ransacked.

We should also point out -- since it seems to be being ignored in the article -- that in 1968 at the Dem
Convention in Chicago, it was the youth protesting the war in Vietnam who got their heads beaten and
were arrested in what was later called a "police riot."

Inside the Convention, the right wing blatantly did all they could to ignore the protests -- even as
Senator Abe Ribicoff took the stage to call out the "Gestapo Tactics in the streets of Chicago" --
all while Mayor Daley


Can't at the moment find the specific quotes but believe Daley was shouting ...
"You F-ing Jew" to Ribicoff

PS: The Chicago police were sent into the mobs of protestors, armed with billy clubs and tear gas, and the Mayor Daley took the blame for allowing the police to use what the federal commission would later condemn as excessive force.

The atmosphere was also volatile inside the convention walls, where the younger Daley—at 26 years of age a contemporary of many of the protesters gathered outside the walls—stood next to his father as the elder Daley shouted obscenities at U.S. Senator Abraham Ribicoff when the Connecticut senator criticized the mayor for his police actions

In probably 8 or more tries now, I can't pick up the actual quote Daley was shouting --
it used to be there available on the internet.
So we see that they understand that this kind of racist attack will no longer be tolerated
in the US. That doesn't stop what they say privately, however.

At the Democratic National Convention, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago grew so furious over Connecticut Sen. Abraham Ribicoff's criticism of the tactics employed by his city's police force that he leaped to his feet and screamed a stream of obscenities at him. No daily newspaper in the country quoted his words.



Yup, the whole scenario proves that the incessant refrain that "Clinton has already won, Sanders needs to acknowledge reality" is complete bullshit. The Clinton campaign is generating all this uproar precisely because they are terrified they are NOT winning.


Democratic Convention 2016 will look like Democratic Convention 1968
Bern Baby Bern


Thanks for the link, and yes Common Dreams, please follow up with straight reporting on this matter.


Clear as day. Shouting down Barbra Boxer and calling her a bitch is obviously FBI stuff.