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Does Hillary Get It?


Does Hillary Get It?

Robert Reich

Does Hillary Clinton understand that the biggest divide in American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment and the establishment?

I worry she doesn’t – at least not yet.

A Democratic operative I’ve known since the Bill Clinton administration told me “now that she’s won the nomination, Hillary is moving to the middle. She’s going after moderate swing voters.”

Presumably that’s why she tapped Tim Kaine to be her vice president. Kaine is as vanilla middle as you can get.


She will never "get it" because she fundamentally does not want to.


Headline sez: "Does Hillary get it?"

Why, yes, she does. And she gets a great deal of it, primarily from Wall Street firms, energy extraction corporations, Big Pharma, et al.


A good brief summary of nation's underlying groundswell attitude toward politics. An ultra-conservative friend who's nevertheless heart-committed to humanity's needs reduces his angry critique again and again to "they're all crooks". (A difference between him and me so far as I can figure out is he's never taken time to independently research human motivation or history, has never developed a reasonably coherent analysis of why the same old same old can't be conquered. This makes him susceptible to r-wing chatter and flyers that feed his anger at 'the government'. He ends up supporting Koch sponsored challengers because Koch's don't reveal who or what they are. ... plus, as a fellow Oldster, I think he still balks at anything labeled 'socialism'. .... I'm working on it!)


"Willful blindness" is unfortunately normal and rampant unless/until it's brought to attention of even those who rely on their wealth and power 'success' to 'prove' the correctness of their stand. It seems to lead to stubborn persistence of beliefs that badly need to be examined. (For anyone interested, Margaret Heffernan gives a good TedTalk on this, avail on YouTube.) When I think of the unappreciated psychological power of human confirmation bias 'thinking' processes, and think of all that needs 'fixing', I sometimes want to find a nice rock to crawl under!)




Robert Reich:
"(HRC) needs to move instead toward the anti-establishment – forcefully committing herself to getting big money out of politics, and making the system work for the many rather than a privileged few."

It's sad that Reich is so delusional. HRC is firmly set in her neoconservative ways; and, is psychologically incapable of such change.

Hillary Clinton is a NeoCon
Why the Democratic Party, its Super-Delegates and the Mainstream Media Will Some Day Regret Sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ Candidacy




Reich says “The problem isn’t trade
itself. It’s a political-economic system that won’t cushion
working people against trade’s downsides or share trade’s
upsides. In other words, a system that’s rigged.”
I agree that the problem isn't trade
itself, but rather that trade agreements are being written in a way
that undermines Democracy and common sense fairness.
What goes by the name "Free
Trade", or sometimes "The Washington Model for trade
agreements" is based on obsolete and discredited economics.
This is because the Ricardian Comparative Advantage doesn't take
externalized costs of production into account. We should be basing
our trade on the true cost of production of goods and services. A
manufacturer or service provider in a country like the US has costs
that include contributing to health insurance cost, Social Security
and Medicare taxes, unemployment insurance, and those associated with
meeting environmental, occupational safety and health regulations,
product safety standards, building and fire safety codes, labor
standard, etc. regulations. An additional cost, the "cost of
carbon", should soon join this list.
It would be better to risk a possible
trade war than continue down the path toward a lowest common
denominator, highly unequal, economy that we are on.


Does Prof. Reich assume this is a democracy?


Mr. Reich, you and Bernie Sanders need to "get" that this country and 13 million voters were defrauded by a stolen election. Emails are out and proof is in. Yet somehow the two of you continue to talk about how we should elect HRC. Do you two understand that we sent hard earned money to the Sanders campaign, that we worked tirelessly for him and then we watched as we all got screwed once again by the entrenched power hungry 1%?
Why on earth would we think Hillary is any better than Trump? Both are corrupt, both are millionaires, both lie constantly and both will talk a good game in the campaign and then promptly forget it all, as Hillary has done, both present a nightmare foreign policy, and both will damage this country in horrifying ways.
Hillary will never be a representative of the people, she serves other masters.
I will vote Green Party from now on and the Dems will never get another dime from me.
Why aren't you and Bernie willing to stand up for us and cry foul on this election. Are we just going to let yet another election theft go by without a whimper??? That's why we can't believe in Democrats, they lie, cheat and steal elections just like the Republicans. Geez, you both should "GET" that.
Jill Stein 2016


The only thing is that it will split the votes and Trump wins? or maybe he is what we need. They say the cure is to hit "bottom" and we're just about there. That is "we the people."


The fact that I referred to the protections and safety net as costs to businesses that manufacture or provide services on US soil doesn't mean that I oppose those protections and safety net programs. I oppose the failure to apply those costs to imported goods and services from countries where those protections and safety net programs are not effectively in place.

There are other issues, such as the distribution of profits from the capital represented by robots, etc. that are increasingly doing the most productive work, but let's focus on one issue at a time.


Trumpsters are zealots, Hillarybots, not so much. It is near 50/50 time.


Aside from Thomas Friedman, is there any writer more annoying than Reich?

Gee whillackers Reich, I mean, all of that intentional embracing of Corporate Governance that started with Al From's DLC and subsequent ejaculation of Bill Clinton as standard bearer, was just all some, "gosh we gotta move to the "middle" realization".

Stuff it Reich.


I will still support progressives running as Dems, like Senator Jeff Merkley and Tulsi Gabbard, but the rest of the establishment hacks won't get my money, votes, or time.



It doesn't matter if Hillary pretends to get it. It doesn't matter if she finally understands the dynamic of this election. She's shown her true colors: She says whatever she thinks will get her the most votes. She could adopt Bernie's entire platform/policies and still not get the votes of younger voters and independents.

She's a chameleon who would shed her campaign skin once elected and reveal her real color is green, like the mound of 1% cash she's standing atop.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure.

Stein 2016


Too funny, thanks.


Thank you, Mr. Reich, for abandoning propaganda and addressing the issues. This was helpful. We need you. Please continue.


A positive movement=co-operatives.
I've been involved with co-ops most of my lengthy life, at present a co-op credit union, co-op utility,co-op food group, in the past co-op baby-sitting pool (60 years ago), plus just sharing labor skills, information,ideas,etc. Positive interactions are less dramatic than protests against the labelled 'enemies'. Those 'enemies' are pathetic groups and individuals. We need to set examples, and it does take work and courage and unity of spirit. Golden Rule is not limited to one religion either.