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Does it Really Matter if Netanyahu Ends Up Behind Bars?


Does it Really Matter if Netanyahu Ends Up Behind Bars?

Neve Gordon

"Background noise" was the way Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterised the decision of his former chief of staff, Ari Harow, to become a state witness.


If Netanyahu is found guilty and if he doesn’t end up behind bars, then Israel can’t continue to claim that it’s the only democracy in the region.


Netanyahu is a terrorist. Israel has blockaded the Holy Mount from Arab worshippers. Muhammad ascended from the Holy Mount. The Holy Mount is arguably the most holy spot on Earth and Netanyahu blockaded it controlling whom may enter. America has become the imperialist parasite our Founding Fathers fled from Great Britain. America arms enemies and murders former allies for natural resources and cash. It is all about death and who gets paid and it’s pathetically sad and grotesquely evil.


It isn’t just that Netanyahoo is as or a bit more crooked than other long term heads of state. It’s that there are umpteen Netbots ready to fill his position once he’s gone. There will be no change for the better in government policy, possibly even a change for the worse, if that’s possible. The guy represents a type that just can’t be eliminated.


“If Netanyahu is found guilty and if he doesn’t end up behind bars, then Israel can’t continue to claim that it’s the only democracy in the region.”

They can’t even claim that now. Lebanon is as democratic as Israel and Turkey used to be more democratic.


How ironic, Obama said it best as he was leaving office: To paraphrase, “the truth always has a way of coming to the fore”, or something of that nature. This development with NetanYAHOO is not surprising, and it fits so perfectly with his conspiring with our republican congress to try and cripple President Obama.
Its gotten to where any time I smell a fart anywhere in the world, it somehow seems to have republican origins, or at least it would fit perfectly with their worldview. And I realize Netty is an Israeli and, hence, doesn’t belong to the republican party, but if he were a citizen of this country (and he was educated here), he’d definitely be red, not blue. Crooks, especially grifters, just seem to feel so at home in the modern-day GOP.


Israel and it’s strange bedfellow ally, Saudi Arabia, calls the shots on US MENA policy.

I want Netanyahu to enjoy some jail time, but my above assertion won’t change if he does.

And I’ll say straight up: my blood boils knowing two theocracies control our destiny so much.


There is no credible evidence that Mohammed was ever in Jerusalem.


There is no evidence of a great deal of religious psychobabble.


There’s no evidence that Morris Jones my neighbor in Denver, was ever in Jerusalem, either. Religion is not in any way, evidence-based. Neither is Morris’s belief the Jews are any more chosen than the rest of us. Or Denver is very much like Jerusalem. And yet, he has faith that all his own evidence is true.
Criminal behavior is, on the other hand, evidence- based. And, when Bennie the Net and his wife are found guilty and imprisoned, I’ll start thinking about what Morris said about his being in Jerusalem. And, that Bennie the Net and his Netress are chosen for life, hopefully. Then, my faith in Morris and justice will be somewhat restored. But, I doubt all the evidence of the harm Bennie the Net & His Crew have wrought, will be fully exposed and justice will faithfully served. Not a chance in hell, actually.


was BN accused of this sort of thing when he was PM last time? I was surprised that he was re-elected after what I vaguely remember as a scandal.


If Bibi was jailed — a big if — couldn’t others in jail claim to be in moral danger? Demand alternative accommodation, or damages for cruel and unusual punishment?


At the very least, it would give our Fake President a glimpse into his own future.


Agreed. But it hasn’t stopped Israel repeating this trope, over and over. Likewise for American politicians and their sycophants.


The validity of the claim wouldn’t change one bit were Bugsy Netanyahu jailed.

Those responsible for Deir Yassin and innumerable other atrocities never had a credible claim to being democratic.


“…two theocracies…” : Astute observation!