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Does Mueller's Angry Letter Prove Barr Lied to Congress?

Does Mueller's Angry Letter Prove Barr Lied to Congress?

Juan Cole

Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky at WaPo broke the story that Special Counsel Bob Mueller wrote a sharp letter to Attorney General William Barr to protest the 4-page summary Barr put out before releasing the Mueller report to the public.

Barr has put his faith in a pathological liar.

So yes, he has lied and will continue to lie.

Lie down with liars, and you will get fleas.

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Enough of this nonsense.
We do not live in a democracy. If we did, the candidate that received the most votes would be president.

Our immoral leaders and media are up in arms about election meddling whilst our tax dollars are being used to openly overthrow the democratically elected leader of Venezuela!

By all means focus on Russian nonsense instead!


In Wm. Barr, Trump (finally) got his Roy Cohn. I wonder what WAS THE PAYMENT FOR BARR (along with Rod Rosenstein who wrote a resignation letter that echoed the kind of “love letter” Trump revels in)? Are there BOARD positions that amount to a few meetings a year but PAY VERY WELL? Or did TRUMP WRITE CHECKS to these two men? He might not be a billionaire but, he’s got tens of millions, for sure.
The U.S. is undeniably as CORRUPT as any so-called “banana republic”–it’s just that until recently that FACT was more concealed. Trump ahs torn back the velvet curtains to show us as our country as it actually is,.


Barr’s proclevity for fixing was proven during the Bush 41 regime and his recent lies were apparent prior to any comments from Mueller.


Jimmy Carter on that point


Yes, we all knew he was the Pardon King for Daddy Bush. So why exactly did the damn Dems vote to confirm him?

Great job Senator Harris.--------- Muller is a republican-----------when Paul Manafort as Trumps campaign manager is also working for some Russian operative ; giving this Russian operative inside Trump campaign polling data >>>>>THIS IS COLLUSION!

Are they telling us the truth about the ability of Russians to hack into the elections? Donald Trump has not once been over 50% in polling in two years of office.

Hundreds of people die everyday by actions of the US government . How often and long will democrats let republicans be the minority in charge? How many elections have republicans stolen and democrats just look the other way? WE NEED TO STOP THE KILLING-----WE NEED TO STOP THE WARS------WE NEED TO GET PROFIT OUT OF HEALTHCARE!