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Does President-Elect Trump Spell Doom for the Planet?


Does President-Elect Trump Spell Doom for the Planet?

Nika Knight, staff writer

Hours after the stunning U.S. presidential election returns showed an avowed climate change denier chosen for the nation's highest office, environmentalists around the world grappled with what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for the planet.


The earth has been in existence for billions of years. (Or is it 6,000 years?)
The earth will heal itself. The human disease on earth? Well, that's a different story.


All the Jill Stein supporters own a piece of this. Congratulations, assholes. Lesser evil is still lesser evil.


Yes. And the hordes of Green Party trolls helped as best they could. This board and others was overrun by them, repeating ad nauseam the Big Lie that Hillary Clinton is the devil. Well done.


"Trump will be the first anti science president" I would argue he is second. When questioned about the validity of the theory of evolution, Bush replied: "the jury is still out" In congress there is one PHD in science.


Jill got less than 2% of the vote. Trump won by a MUCH higher margin.

The only thing that hurt Clinton's chance at the White House was Clinton herself!

If you were a Clinton supporter while she stole the Primary from the REAL winner, then this one is on YOU!


looks like what I said many times before, Bernie would have been the stronger candidate against Trump. Bernie used the bogus excuse that he was backing HRC to prevent a Trump POTUS because Trump was so evil! Looks like that excuse did not work out...right Bernie? You now have to take a lot of the responsibility for enabling a fascist, backed by the KKK to become POTUS!


Despite polls during the primary season confirming Sanders beating Trump and EVERY OTHER GOP PRIMARY CONTENDER by a wider margin than Clinton would in the general election, the media, Clinton supporters and DNC continued to chastise (bordering on vitriol) Sanders' voters.

Too bad the shills continue to haunt rather than directing their energy to pushing Congressional Democrats to vote against TPP during the lame duck period and beyond.


You sound like you might be smack dab under an approaching falling house from the sky, dear.


Would a good title for a book on election 2016 be: How the Wizard of Oz Landed in the White House ?

Is there is a deflated hot air balloon in the vicinity of the White House ?

Clinton to Stein: "I will get you, my pretty".

Can we can all agree that "we aren't in Kansas any more" ?


Trump says he digs coal. He doesn't say that he burns it. There might be a few American Indians out there that might go and sit on top of the mountains in West Virginia. I am just saying.


I envision a full-on dystopia, not unlike the one satired by Banksy in the Dismaland Art installation - "bemusement park" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCpYYYzQJ3c] - Of course, worse is possible, if "W's" reign is any indication of what can happen after 9 months of office.


I'm guessing there will be lots of jobs for pipeline builders. Many coming down from North Dakota to add to ones that may come down from Canada.

The US will probably become a global oil power with the power to control the maximum price of oil, ensuring it doesn't get too high and make wind/solar look too good nor let other oil producing nations get too many US $$$.

Will mountain top removal become big(ger)?

Clean Coal (or otherwise)?


His opportunities for real change just seem endless! Oh wait, that is just moving us backwards! Well, it is still change.


Can't stop blaming others can you. You are why you lost. Face reality.


We were real Greens with no obligation to support the corrupt Clintons and not paid by Correct (Infect) the Record Trolls like your colleagues.


If that is you your disgustingly negative attitude, then you clearly suffer from major depression. Please get help. As for the rest of us, we will keep organizing and fighting for humanity.


Yes, adults do look at realities and practices - so you should know Obama's record of the things he did - and more importantly the vast number of things he attempted to do which were defeated by the Republicans. Clinton proposed some very ambitious measures to address climate change.

Sorry for the interruption from the reality-based world.


Good luck with that.


That's rich! Someone refuses to vote for corruption and they are an azzhole. I think the azzhole is the person who is told their candidate is corrupt, shown they are corrupt and you still support them.. That, Alison, makes you the azzhole. We had a candidate that could have beat Trump quickly, without a problem and your candidate snuffed him using unethical, corrupt methods. How dare you point your finger at Stein supporters!! That makes YOU the problem with America.


Actually, if you are talking about the US-wide popular vote, then Hillary won by a small margin that is still being counted. And regarding the individual states and their electoral votes, Hillary lost by a margin smaller than 1 percent in enough states (MI, PA, FL) to have easily won.

You may want to check some facts before typing....