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Does Putin Actually Have Something on Trump? US Senator Jeff Merkeley: 'I Think It's Likely. Yeah.'


Does Putin Actually Have Something on Trump? US Senator Jeff Merkeley: 'I Think It's Likely. Yeah.'

Jon Queally, staff writer

How to explain such behavior? That has become the question for nearly everyone perplexed by President Donald Trump's bizarre performance at Monday's joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And when put to Sen. Jeff Merkeley (D-Or.) directly this week—Do you think Putin has something on Trump?—the senator responded calmly and simply: "I think it's likely. Yeah."


Of course not you Fool that is Perposterious


Who is to say that Trump was not recruited by the GRU or KGB as an agent when he was in Russia before he ran for president? He was there quite often, and usually begged to see Putin. I no longer would be surprised.


I thought I would never say it but all these what if’s is all we know, truly only speculation but hopefully Mueller has much of this confirmed and wants air tight before coming forward.

In the mean time, we have people dying from drug overdoes/chemical poising and our planet dying a slow decline which will mean the death of humans/animals but the planet will regernarte in at some time. Politicians who are corrupt, corporations corrupt, are laws make corruption legal and getting worse hour by hour. Dark money in the dark, no paper trails. Ridiculous and a child could figure that out.


Perposterious. Great word.


Yes, what indeed…and furthermore, what do the Saudi’s and Israel have on him (and the USA)?


Of course he does. Good Grief! Trump knows he’ll end up like the two poisoned in the U.K. If he doesn’t step in line. You have to know Putin’s history. This is common knowledge outside of the US. And the date of the meeting in Finland sent a message to Trump as well. Look up ur history of Finland and Russia in 1917. The Russians have not forgotten.


Not so slow, and accelerating. The sixth extinction is HERE.


The main thing is regardless of Trump’s motive he is working in the interest of Russia and against the interest of the US. He is working both domestically and internationally to take down the US. He is trying to destroy all the institutions in the country that are needed for democracy. He is trying to disrupt relations with all US allies with exception perhaps of Israel since much of his base supports Israel because of the End Times prediction where Christ will return and take on the anti-Christ and the souls of Christians will be saved or something like that. Trump may personally hate the US and want to get back at his own country, he may be under Russian control, or he might be just supporting white nationalism as Russia is. Or Trump might simply get his kicks out of being destructive and he is just addicted to destruction in order to get his emotional highs.


I just don’t think Trump’s supporters care, for a " something like that " video of this nature. Putin peeing on Trump, or Trump peeing for Putin onto wax busts of Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland, it just doesn’t matter that much to them.
Sen. Merkley, the American people only need Congress to go there, if it will shed more light on these two world leader’s rather unusual,
sadomasacistic projection of respect and admiration for each other.


Israel has much more influence on American Politics than any other nation in the world including Russia. If Netanyahu did anything to help Trump, the American people, the Democrats & Republicans are keeping quiet about it.


What do you imagine Netanyahu might have done to help Trump? And why would the Democrats keep it quiet if they did anything since they lost the presidential election? What is particularly concerning about Russia is not only did they help Trump but they are trying to undermine democracy in the US. They are attempting to make it impossible to distinguish real news from fake news. Why are you downplaying what Russia is doing? If you support democracy it should be alarming.


Short memories here.
Trump campaigned on the wish to “get along” with Russia. He spoke of Russia making a better friend than foe, and that we (America) should strive to become partners.
This was in 2015.
Trump is fulfilling his promise.
He also vowed to end our overseas interventions. When he said we were pulling out of Syria, he quickly had to backpeddle there too.
Stopping the TPP? Check.
Renegotiating NAFTA? Check.
Making the EU pay their fair share for defense? Check
Build a wall? He’s still working on it.
So far, he is keeping his promises. That is how he got so many votes.
It is the MICC and the Deep State that want war. War with Syria, then Iran, then Russia.
Anybody here remember the 7 countries in 5 years goal?
How about full spectrum dominance?
Donald Trump continues to be told to STFU, or else.
His mouth does not comport with the plans of TPTB.


He got so many votes he only lost by 2.8 million, in toto. Trump is the second best Republican candidate to actually finish 2nd in a Presidential election in the 21st Century. The man is pure iron pyrite, in elections.


Senator Merkley is in the hands of the Israel Lobby back when he was running for Senate a prominent Palestinian woman give him a large donation and oh with tears in his eyes he had to give it back to her because the Israeli Lobby told him to, that’s how credible Merkley is. is


Please show us this news article. Merkley crying would be a huge deal, especially about $$$ coming from ME patrons and supporters.
Was it in the Oregonian? The Seattle papers? Or the Twin Peaks Time Traveler published by David Lynch?


Sure, the only reason for a US leader to speak to a Russian leader face to face is because there MUST be blackmail. Otherwise, why would such an outrageous thing occur? After all, we have come to rely upon Russian being our enemy ever since Truman. We need to fear them. Desperately.


As if the US is not working both “domestically and internationally” to take down Russia? What makes you think only one nation, the USA, can play this game? Which nation is actually threatening the other?

If our voting apparatus needs a security beef up, we should do that. Otherwise, we can continue to expect Russians and god knows who else to use modern technology to interfere or hack. We do it. They do it.
If you are concerned about threats to Democracy, the real culprit is the Cold War mind set and the Pentagon that has led us into misadventures ever since Viet Nam. And doubtless many times before even that now ancient invasion.


Caitlin Johnstone is on point as usual:


Margaret Kimberley is no fool: