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Does the Super Bowl Feel Too Political? Thank Militarism

Does the Super Bowl Feel Too Political? Thank Militarism

Peter Certo

Super Bowl season is like the holidays — a celebration shared by people more accustomed to arguing than sitting down together. As one of the few transpartisan, mass media events left to our tribal culture, the biggest TV night of the year can’t help but channel the political tensions most of us endure all year long.

Hold people down economically. Bedazzle them with spectacle. Showcase glory through militarism. Reap the next crop of cannon fodder. Tried and true formula.


The Roman Coliseum lives on in the U.S. A true celebration of aggression and tribalism. Hey, how about a slow mo of that last hit, sport fans? Pass the beer.


If it wasn’t for the cost of the military, and the Duopoly that supports it’s interventions all over the world, our nation would become the Democracy it once was.


“A Senate investigation revealed that the military dumped tens of millions of dollars into the NFL and other leagues for PR help”.
That statement should piss everyone off, whether you’re a fan or not, using tax dollars to con the taxpayers.


“Warriors”! Shades of midieval idolatry!
The spectacle is getting more sickening by the year and games.


I’m no longer a viewer. Out of curiosity, have functionaries been employed to fling loaves of bread into the crowd yet?

“Last year, Budweiser faced boycott calls”
Most of these idiots don’t even realize their beloved Sudmeiser is owned by a European conglomerate.


You can bet there won’t be any government shutdown for the military!

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"Paid To Play."

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Not as long as 95% of the voting electorate continue to vote for the parties of the Duopoly.

i really can’t stand to watch pro sports of any kind anymore …

as the multi millionaire players that have UNIONS

(geez walmart workers don’t get to form a union)

get prepared to play in their corporate named Mercedes Benz stadium the billionaire owners have black balled Colin Kaepernick and then proceed to stand up for the flag that is inevitably paraded about by some or all branches of the military.

and on top of that the endless commercials about shit i absolutely have no desire to own.

aaggghhh its such a fucking capitalist jerk off festival

jesus i remember when the steelers used to play in three rivers stadium no fucking corporate name on that building … now they play at heinz field … give me a fucking break

i cant fucking stand it anymore but will watch it b/c my father is 80 years old and i have watched almost every super bowl with him.

Wow, an excellent article by Peter Certo! He writes all the thoughts and feelings I’ve had over these years.

We are not pre-fascist in this country, we are certifiably fascist, by a number of standards.

I’m still a fan, and will watch the game, but everything Certo said is true. It shows how the Global War On Terror is a complete fraud. The disgusting and sad part is how many gullible Americans buy into the bullshit.

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Or " Paid to be Played", either one works.

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