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Does TSA Really Need a Watch List for “Unruly” Travelers?


Does TSA Really Need a Watch List for “Unruly” Travelers?

Faiza Patel

Cross-posted from Just Security.


“…the TSA previously identified “complaints of security procedures” as a behavior that could trigger greater scrutiny.” Wow, I must be on that list already, as I complained when my 84-year-old mom in a wheelchair was pulled aside because she had some bobby-pins in a General Mills International Coffee container. The searched the can individually, then checked my mom’s hands for explosive with those special detector wipees. Yeah, because bobby-pins indicated she may have put explosives somewhere.
The TSA has nothing to do with keeping the citizenry safe. It has to do with intimidation tactics that force Americans to give up their 4th Amendment right at every airport. They make billions on the bogus national security apparatus. It’s just a division of the same “terrrrr” scam that has us invading nations that aren’t threats. Fighting terrrrrr is BIG BUSINESS, and does nothing to keep us safe. It keeps them safe from us though, I’ll give them that!


Smoke screening


And yet, some morons want those same secret watch lists used to determine peoples constitutional rights. Secret lists that flagged Ted Kennedy as a terrorist.


Ability to speak some foreign languages such as Arabic is in great demand in intelligence forces, but studying those same languages can also put you on a watch list, keeping you from getting the job.
You can get on a watch list if you are a very proactive journalist, if you know something the government did wrong, if you work in an industry the government considers sensitive, if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, if a family member is on a list. Sometimes there is no clue why you are on a list.


It’s a bit like I’ve heard from friends who immigrated from the Soviet Union.
Secret watch lists. Never thought I’d see it here.


Why? It is not really about the person, the target.

It is about teaching the public to accept attack, and in some types of lists, to participate aggressively in monitoring and other more abusive procedures. Creates fear and control.

Terrorist lists, secret watch lists, preemptive strikes, all destroy peace. They do not promote peace.They’re about disappearing rights: the right to innocence until proven guilty, the right to a fair trial, the right to know what you have been accused of. And replacing them with wrongs.


Every time I see a TSA agent in their fancy uniforms, I am always reminded of South Park’s Toilet Safety Administration.

Face it: The TSA provides a great illusion of security while padding the coffers of screening equipment manufacturers who are continually upgrading the airports with ever more expensive and intrusive machines. Just how safe are these machines? Medical devices go though extensive reviews (for which manufacturers oftentimes just pay lip service) while these screening devices have no public scrutiny due to “security” reasons.


I talked to one security agent who said being around the machines all day made her sick. Too much radiation. I had mentioned that I was asking for a pat down because I am sensitive to electricity. She said she was too now, but needed the money from the job.


When I was younger, I thought we were different from the Soviets.

Too true. The goal of government is to make everyone a criminal with omnipresent rules and laws and then selectively enforce them to control us.
Building codes are a perfect example. Almost everyone buying something in a home improvement store is probably breaking the law if they didn’t get permission to do whatever they plan on doing.

It’s not something the secret police will break down your door at 3:00 am to arrest you for but even that tiny concern that an inspector might come in for something else and catch you is wearing.
That actually happened to me in my own house. I called for an inspection of a gas line I had installed for a stove and the plumbing inspector looked around and pulled out my permanent dossier and noted that the kitchen sink looked new but there was no record of a permit.
He graciously agreed to selling me a permit and an inspection on the spot for $60.
Mind you, this was legit with paperwork produced and a check made out to the city. Not even a personal shakedown by a powerful person.

Personally, I’m much more concerned with liberty than peace.
Peace is nice when you can get it without giving up life and liberty.

Again, too true.


Everyone’s talking boycott these days. But it is hard to do without modern conveniences, even when it is obviously the best way out in the long run.
What about a voluntary NO FLY?I’ve decided to avoid flying. I go by bus now. It is more spacious and more relaxing. Buses on longer trips stop and let you choose your own meal. Less monitoring. Better, bigger seats. Free luggage. Long distance, toilet without time limits. And of course, cheaper. :slight_smile:


Excellent comment! I agree with you 100%. This isn’t about “Trrrists”, and never was! It’s about controlling us and making sure that we conform.


Amtrak is a good alternative as well.