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Dogs of War Howl for Blood in Iran While Americans Cheer US Bombers on July 4th

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/08/dogs-war-howl-blood-iran-while-americans-cheer-us-bombers-july-4th

When I look at this 21st century Anthropocene US addiction to killing systems - so incapable of envisioning anything other than intensification of its death wish, my appreciation for the human soul is strangely deepened.
There is clearly no appreciation for 99% of life that is and always will be sheer mystery because of the tunnel vision imposed by the impact of materialism. It occurs to me that the human psyche KNOWS that materialism is a dead end, and it is for this reason that the alchemists of wall street and madison avenue joined at the hip of extractive industry for the religion of planned obsolescence. It is for this reason that industrial senility generates todays opium wars on their subjugated peoples pumped with parasitic greed. The philosophical genre of nihilism is left in the dust of the high priest snake oil salemen of colonization and mass murder.


if the government doesn’t do it the people of the usa will. time and time again, indigenous peoples, africans, mexicans, afro americans, whoever, we will kill them!

Occupying Afghanistan in 2019. Wasn’t it the consensus that the Russians were nuts to spend ten years in Afghanistan. Then what and where does that put the U.S.? Somewhere in the neighborhood of war monger, and stupid I suppose. This isn’t anywhere near to being about Afghanistan, it’s about us. What they are trying to negotiate with the Taliban they could have done a decade or more ago. Our military adventures are out of any control.


And we are in a cycle of “I-feel-like-I’m-fixin-to-die-rag” syndrome. Who wants to be the first one to die in Iran? It’s almost comical to think of us being that stupid.

Yes, from our perspective, but not from a war profiteers perspective. Amerika is a fascist, war mongering, empire that protects the 1% and it’s economic and vested world wide interests. When it comes to Amerika’s war mongers the average American has been living in a military dictatorship at least since Vietnam.


Trump evokes a plea to the young: You should join our military, it’s a fine thing to do. Next he will be telling us that he is so sad about having those bone spurs and not able to serve.

I think if trump’s approval rating is rising, that means our level of morality is lowering.
I’m about ready to declare that I am an expatriate (mentally) if not physically. This is not a country I want to support any longer. When the people are as bad as the immoral leadership, who are you to support or even mingle with?


I won’t disagree about the decline in “our level of morality,” but I wonder, as with Senator Mastercard’s alleged lead among Brand D candidates, whether Twump’s actual approval numbers are anywhere near 45%—or is that just what corporate media want us to believe?


I’d put the beginning of the long coup at 1947—by the merest conicidence, the year that both the CIA and I were born.


I was reading some esoteric writings as to the “nature” of man from a spiritual perspective and there a school of belief that suggests in the distant past (up to around the time of the fall of Troy) , humanity was more a “Collective” conciousness and after that time it began to fragment into one that was more about the individual over the community. The ancient mystery schools were about re-teaching the connected nature of humanity and nature over the credo that humanity and its members all separate from nature and each other.

This nihilism and disintegration you speak to is reflected in the natural world around us as systems break down.


Yes, but to me the nail in the coffin was when the Amerikan. Fascists had Congress declare the war in Korea a " POLICE ACTION" .

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I recently found a copy of the Bagavadgita in the free stack at a thrift shop - and yes - all over the world the transmission traditions were interwoven with the seasonal calendar and stars and other cycles. The thrust of the wisdom and the caveats could be in a thousand different languages - but like recognizes like and like horses one can virtually smell collaborative coherence - or feel the vibe as some might say. Love isn’t namby pamby - it is one of the most powerful forces in the universe - particularly when circumstances demand that an entire spectrum of strangers must let go of presumptions and crisis and walk together directly INTO the mystery in order to discover what it is they can do to get done what needs to get done.
I frequently remind myself of the notion in the Tao that 'the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. I like to think of it as ‘the journey of a thousand miles starts from where your feet are’. To ‘journey’ has already been decided; it sings of departure as joy


Hi theoldgoat:
When I think of the insanity of war, I also think of humanity’s insanity for revenge. After all, wasn’t the the message that was sent to America on Sept. 11th —wasn’t that message: “Anything you can do we can do better.” Yeah— Osama and fiends just did what America has been doing to them for forever. It’s amazing that no one thought that kind of war would come here.
I worry about those $50 recreational drones that America sells so many of…revenge against America? This time I think it will be those little drones droning the big and powerful at weddings and picnics and sadly to the families f the murdered in Yemen ----this will all seem fair. This is real terror America, when anyone with $50 can become a terrorist. What hath America wrought? : (


What an absurd, fear mongering red herring. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more obvious attempt to derail a well-spoken comment regarding the sad ideological decline of the world…

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In 2007, the C.I.A. said that Iran gave up any hope of making a nuclear bomb in 2003. In 2010, James Clapper, the then Director of Intelligence, who gathers the intelligence coming from the 16 federal agencies collecting information and analyzes it, said that Iran had not done what we expected them to do if they were working on a bomb. I presume that he was referring to having an insufficient number of centrifuges. They currently are refining uranium ore to 3.67 per cent U235. Because of the scorn that John Bolton is heaping upon them, they are threatening to go to five per cent. In order to make a bomb, ninety per cent U-235 is necessary. If they take it, it will be a very small step. Now let us make a worst case scenario and assume that they make a bomb or two or ten. What can they do with it? The most likely adversary that they can use it on is Israel. They would need to get all of Israel’s presumed 200 warheads to avoid retaliation. In the unlikely event that they succeeded, we have an armed fleet of 18 subs. You can be sure that we have enough in the Persian Gulf at all times to fry Iran and half the planet. In the meantime, Netanyahu says every day that a nuclear Iran is a threat to world peace. Hog wash!.

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No, all it would take would be one US sub launching to end up killing, if not just the entire Northern Hemisphere, probably the entire world due to Nuclear Winter. No sunlight for years, -50’F temperatures, nothing living growing to eat without photosynthesis? Not much is going to survive that, and then the rich and powerful asswipes come out of their bunkers to a planet awash in radiation from 500 nuclear plants that went into total meltdown (like Fukushima, like Chernobyl, like 3 Mile Island) due to there being nobody left to shut them down. The atmosphere would positively glow at night. Oopsie!

Each of those subs have what, eighteen missiles with 8-10 independently targeted warheads each that make the tiny Hiroshima look like a party popper in comparison. I mean, a 10 or 20 or 50 MegTon thermonuclear hydrogen dee-vice? Aren’t there supposedly ‘secret’ 100 MT ones in Russia? And if the Pentagon thinks there are, how much ya wanna bet so does this country! Shades of Nevil Shutes’ book ‘ON THE BEACH’ but worse. Maybe a lot quicker ending for that matter that the book. I read a few war projections years ago that said anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before the world went dark.

Look, all these freaks are mind sick, damaged deranged broken-brained, and we continue to call them ‘leaders.’ There is no way to ‘vote’ them out, they own everything including us. We’re just along for the ride is all because it will never be a ‘good time’ to ‘remove the corrupt government and install a new one’ as far as they are concerned…and they have control of all the killing machines and have all the psychopaths and sociopaths hired to use them on the rest of us. I was there in Cali in the 60s and 70s and that enforcer violence was just over a little ‘Police Action’ protest. And believe me, getting beaten by someone who can just kill you if they are ‘a-feared for their life’ is very, very scary. Leaves a mental scar. In a general uprising these same violent personalities that the governments love to hire will have no problem following orders…

Why is it that in the movies the good guys always win and in real life it seems to end up exactly the opposite? Maybe that’s why the owners promote those kinds of movies.


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Hi Anonymous50319:
Well there is that old poem" The old men send the young men to war…" I actually think that there actually are real live “absurd fear mongering red herrings:” and some of their names are well known: Trump, Pompeo, Bolton.
I always found it unbelievable that with SEVENTEEN spy agencies—that not a one of them saw 9/11 coming—or if they did see it coming—they did not speak up. Of course, for those who planned to take over the ME, I guess 9/11 was a godsend. : (

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Hi oakstgorillas:
Happy Anniversary-----and I join you in condemning our military-industrial -complex of murderers in a chant of Frustration!!!

Hey, America it’s ---- not o.k.
How many Yemen kids dead today?
How many Iraqis----Syrians too.
800 bases, what’s up with you?
Hey greedy killers --what’s your plan?
Don’t even think about bombing IRAN.
Money true is your God,-----green in cash
Dollar soon is tanking—don’t be rash!
True is the tale----- Empires always die------
War Monger nation—you’re the reason why! : (

It also means that if neither the major political parties presents a “viable” candidate to “the people” less will vote. Slowly we become a nation that sinks into a government of “dictatorship of the minority”. And, both parties will claim that the election gave the “people” a democratic process.

PNAC “Project for a New American Century”
“They” even gave a forecast of what “they” were going to do. Amazing!

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