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Doing His Job: RIP Shah Marai


Doing His Job: RIP Shah Marai

As journalists stateside squabble over a comedian's jokes, long-suffering media in Afghanistan mourn the deaths of ten colleagues deliberately targeted in twin suicide bombings in Kabul. Among those killed was AFP chief photographer Shah Marai, who for 20 years documented the devastation and resilience of his homeland. He left behind six children, including a new-born. From a friend: "Please look at his pictures - he lost his life trying to show us."


Not much interest in your article Abby - this horrible act of violence was not done by the USA, so they don’t care.


Oh, woe! Such incredible, soulful, heart-rending photos!

May you indeed take a well-deserved rest, you hero of humanity! But anyone who has seen your work knows: you will not leave us. Where would you go?

Along with so many other heroic ancestors, you’ll be working for an end to violence from the other side. May those of us on this side honor you always by digging deeper into our courage and devotion, by being willing to give this effort everything.