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DOJ 'Bullying' Cities Into Complying With Anti-Immigration Efforts


DOJ 'Bullying' Cities Into Complying With Anti-Immigration Efforts

Julia Conley, staff writer

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is accusing the Justice Department of using harsh and the"bullying tactics" to force cities to comply with its immigration policies.


Seems like an effort to make all state and local lawenforcement subservient to homeland security.


Under Sessions, the DoJ is now the bureau of Just-ICE (or an offshoot of Hitler’s Volksgerichtshof) and deport all the brown-skinned “thieves and rapists” without trials or justice. But, en route, they will have to be sent to any number of privately owned and operated “detention” centers to keep their revenue stream at a maximum.


There! Fixed it…


Just the way The Keebler Elf wants things, before he slides over on his belly, to lead The DHS. Goebels would be proud.
Stop The Fourth Reich in it’s tracks. While, We The People, still can. Time is running out!:v:


How many – or what percentage – of those detained or deported to-date are white-skinned?


Not sure why why some are so fixated on race. Most likely percentages are proportional to the number of the illegal immigrants by race and not correlated to the actual racial makeup of the US.

Here’s a break down by country if you really want an answer:



I seem to remember Trump having his interior secretary try to bully Senator Murkowski ®AK into doing his bidding on the Trumpcare vote by same tactics. That did not go over well.

I don’t see how this is any different and should meet with the same negative response.



I suppose that states rights are only supported when Democrats are running the show.


That report is five years old. It is readily apparent that the current despot and his henchmen are focusing on non-whites (brown-skinned Haitians & Hispanic e.g. and Muslims primarily). So, like the Third Reich, chosen minorities are objectified and expelled. Asians, Saudis, East Indians (non-Muslim and with suitcases full of money) and Saudis seem to enter without a hitch, especially when they work with the Kushner Klan or the Trump org. on “investments.”

A more accurate reflection of the targeted minorities would be to check out the demographics of the detainees in the private detention centers where they are kept until deported. Oh, that’s right, they do not have to keep and/or publish such data…


In one of those cities there is a lot of drug and gang violence. (ok, probably all of them) One time we had an eleven hour wait at the emergency room because every hospital was filled with gunshot victims. Not all of it is immigration but some of it is.


Those were the first numbers that popped up. Feel free to find new ones.


@lamonte7 2012 and 2013 data doesn’t mean shit of the new direction under Trump & Co. As the saying goes, “there’s a new sheriff in town.” This sheriff and his knee-benders are racist assholes!

I cannot believe that you have the balls to present 2012 and 2013 data as being relevant!


“I cannot believe that you have the balls to present 2012 and 2013 data as being relevant!”

Might i remind you, your God Obama was in power then and the way i see it he was very much a racist… Looking at that table, deportation from majority white countries

You really think data is gonna change much? Probably 90% if illegal immigration is from Central American countries so most of the deportations are gonna be citizens from those countries. I’m not fan of Trump, but immigration laws have been ignored for too long, which is what brought us in this predicament. Someone is finally trying to enforce them, they are racist. BTW, the racist card has been overused and really does not carry any weight anymore.


Wake up: Racism remains to this day in all its ugliness, cruelty, and ignominy.


Well then, stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist and focus instead on the real racism “in all its ugliness, cruelty, and ignominy”. Maybe that would be a much better use of efforts.

OK, gotta go look up “ignominy” now. Try to use simple words with people. I mean just look at Trump. How do you think he got elected. I don’t think he use ignominy at any point since he started his campaign.


public shame or disgrace.


Very strange! All these years we’ve been told by Republicans how bad “big government” is, and how most things need to be decided at the State and/or local level. Now they want to dictate policies to city governments! Very hypocritical!


I actually see him as more of a Himmler kind of guy.


Not fixated so much as realistic. Racism is woven into the fabric of American foreign and domestic policy. It has been since the beginning, and remains so today.