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DOJ Claims Grossly Disparate Treatment Will 'Promote Respect for the Law'


DOJ Claims Grossly Disparate Treatment Will 'Promote Respect for the Law'

Marcy Wheeler

On Thursday, David Petraeus will be sentenced in North Carolina. If all goes as his lawyers and the government have arranged, he will get a year of probation for leaking some of this country’s most sensitive secrets to his mistress.


Out Government and Judicial branch prosecute people that they don’t like. Friends and members of the in group can do anything they want, and they will never be investigated. Hillary Clinton just destroyed government records. Wall Streets Bankers are allowed to be thieves and crooks. Bush and Cheney are tortures, and war criminals. When it comes to the big shots, Obama says, “We should look ahead.” Better put, " We should look the other way."


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The take-home here, as usual, is that nothing they say or do has anything to do with reality except if convenient, that their goal is to put people in fear so that they can do whatever they like to whomever they wish regardless of logic, law, or even common decency, and that the only safe-ish way to oppose them is by the book, scrupulously.


They say that the punishment should fit the crime. But from the Reagan administration, up to the present, there have been so many crimes in so many different areas that the only punishment I can come up with is to take all of our politicians, dip them in beef gravy and then lock them in a cage with a starving Wolverine that’s high on Crack Cocaine. Yes, it is a variation on George Carlin’s ultimate punishment! I added the beef gravy as an enticement to the starving Wolverines!


We should refuse to find any defendant guilty of anything until the real criminals are brought to justice.


Unfortunately, “we” can’t do any collective jury nullification. The only thing we can do, over decades, is VOTE for candidates who
will be able to take action in Congress - Senators and Representatives who will work to aim the laws and policies at
the perpetrators. Without action at a pretty high level, nothing will happen. Remembering how the Occupy movement turned out
(through no lack of effort or commitment on the part of the movement), in the current state of Congress, which forcibly politicizes the judicial nominating process,
any meaningful pursuit of “justice” will be frustrating. Maybe impossible.


Sue we can. Just tell them when you are called for jury duty that you will not vote guilty for anyone until the major criminals guilty of financial fraud and war crimes are brought to justice. You won’t have to serve on a jury and they get the message up front. Its a win-win.


Non-violent crimes, especially against corporations, okay. But violent crimes? I’d vote guilty because violence only benefits criminals…


OK. I’ll give you that one.