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DOJ Docs Raise Questions About Gorsuch's Views on Torture and Executive Power


DOJ Docs Raise Questions About Gorsuch's Views on Torture and Executive Power

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With just days until Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, a new trove of documents is raising additional questions about the federal judge's time at the Department of Justice (DOJ), where he "played a key role in defending the torture and detention policies that have been rejected by the courts and by our country," according to one group.


Always thought is was strange that the President nominated Supreme Court Justices but then they are supposed to be a check on him or her. The nomination process seems like a conflict of interest to me, despite having to go through Senate confirmation.


Despite history confirming that the judicial branch is no less political than the executive and legislative branches, most Murkins (and others) are under the mistaken impression that courts and judges are apolitical.

Selection of judges is indeed loaded with many conflicts of interest.


Having gone through a form of torture administered by a public school teacher as a kid I will readily declare it wasn't child's play. The passage of sixty years have failed to erase the memory. Although I was innocent the teacher was convinced that I was guilty. A good way to "crack" a restless kid is to relentlessly force him to stand stalk still by a water pump every recess and noon hour to look at the sun. Even the most stubborn kid will eventually, "own up" to whatever it is you want him to own up to, guilty or not. In retrospect I actually feel sorry for the teacher as I feel sorry for any torturer. Inevitably the torturer will face the Creator Spirit and be asked why he or she had been so cruel to certain ones of His children. A torturer should be reminded that there is about a 50% chance the torturee is innocent. I pray that God will be merciful.


Those that are appointed are appointed based on what conflicts of interest they have. It is a clear representation of who they are. It might also be the key to future blackmail.


Sounds like he'll get a unanimous approval by the democrats.


Anyone who supports torture or allows it should be banned from office or prosecuted. Let us bring to the dock all the torturers under the Shrub administration including the shrub and all the neocons .