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DOJ Inspector General Asked to Probe Sessions' Role in Comey Firing


DOJ Inspector General Asked to Probe Sessions' Role in Comey Firing

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Unwilling to let Attorney General Jeff Sessions off the hook amid the growing scandal over President Donald Trump's firing of former FBI director James Comey, a group of Democratic senators is demanding a probe into whether Sessions violated his vow to recuse himself from matters related to Russia's alleged 2016 election interference.


Took awhile for it to sink in, I guess. Sessions' prints were all over the Comey memo and related firing by DJT. Sessions, like his imperial anointer, thinks that he, too is above the law and considers his position as AG to be high above all questioning and scrutiny...he is now lord and master of all he surveys...just like the manner in which DJT approaches the presidency. Positions they hold for their own intents and purposes (and in the case of Sessions, to carry out the demands/requests generated by his emperor).

The entire Trump Trash Tribe will have all their titles, positions, and careers decimated one by one, when all is said and done Their outright criminal activities fly in the face of the Constitution and they will be taken to task for them. But, they will still have all the bounty they secured while they were part of the DJT reign of tyranny and terror...cushion for their ignominious futures.


Attorney General Sessions? One, or both, of those three words seem incongruous in the 21st Century. The 19th Century, maybe. He met with the Russians and lied about it. He didn't really recuse himself when he said he would. Is Trump Disease contagious? That would explain a lot about what'going on in the White House. They're all just sick.
Hopefully, if the Trump Adm. doesn't completely cut funding to the NIH, the Federal Government can come up with a vaccine.


Wu wei




The IG appears to be competent, reliable, and without reproach: Michael E. Horowitz (see: https://oig.justice.gov/about/meet-ig.htm ). Hopefully he will uncover and reveal all that is behind the gilded curtains (of the Trump cabal) that obfuscate the vile viper that is Sessions.


The 'Keebler Elf' has no business being involved in anything but baking 'Uncommonly Good' cookies.


It's not just Trump who has to go. It is the whole Trump team.


All of them whitebread no doubt.


Does the Keebler Elf know Mr. Turtle-Face?


I didn't get the 'whitebread' part until I looked at it again.

That's funny PC.