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DOJ Inspector General Report Finds No Evidence of FBI Conspiracy Against President in Russia Investigation but Reveals 'Structural Problems' With FISA Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/09/doj-inspector-general-report-finds-no-evidence-fbi-conspiracy-against-president

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Reagan"s Iran contra scheme wasn’t an abuse of power? Poppy bush lying about babies tossed from incubators to invade Iraq wasn’t an abuse of power? Clinton’s sanctions and bombing of Iraq and a factory in Africa wasn’t an abuse of power? Bush 2 lying about WMD’s to kill hundreds of thousands wasn’t an abuse pf power? Obama droning civilians not an abuse of power? But Trump making a phone call…aha, that is abuse.


Carter Page is an emotional nut case. It appeared to me that he had contacted russians to gain some money donations to himself. Selling his declared easy access to candidate trump

About 5 to 5:30 pm, today, Comey had a victory lap interview on public radio. He is the #1 reason that Hillary gave away the 2016 election.

The IG did not interview former FBI employees who may have been involved in wire tap at Trump Towers. And yes, the fbi did not do the work themselves. That is why they always have contractors close at hand.

Trump says they were trying to “overthrow” him.

FISA is akin to a lynch mob where evidence is not required for a ‘legal’ hanging. The FBI used them like a condom.


As abusive as William Jefferson “Billy Cigars” Clinton’s lying to Cogress about a hummer?

Um, what? It looks like the report was way more damning than that:

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Michael Tracey’s thoughts:

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