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DOJ Launches Unprecedented Investigation into Alabama Prisons


DOJ Launches Unprecedented Investigation into Alabama Prisons

Nika Knight, staff writer

Alabama's notoriously inhumane and overcrowded prisons are to be investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice, in an unusual move the agency announced late Thursday.


Once Republican Gov. Bentley puts behind bars the entirety of the 99%, then his state will have been made safe and comfortable for the 1% to live out their lives in peace and quiet.
That’s been “Turd Blossoms” plan since the last Democratic governor was thrown in jail on purely political charges.l


While this state is particularly shameful and one must really call into question whether it is “civilized” or not, there are so many prison abuses in all of the states including California and New York, etc, etc. Prisons and the criminal injustice system are a huge national problem and sorry - but currently we don’t have the kind of leaders in America who can do something to bring about positive changes. I guess litigation is about the only route and that doesn’t always promise resolutions.


Alabama was the ‘epicenter’ of the national Prison Strike…Kind of a symbolic ‘ground zero’ as it were…We’ll be hearing from more and more prisons in the coming weeks…


The DOJ will investigate, the state of Alabama will come to an agreement with the DOJ to improve conditions for the prisoners after years of gnashing their teeth, and ultimately not much will change. The whole criminal “justice” system is corrupt including the DOJ itself. No prosecution of the banksters, no prosecution of anyone at BP for the Gulf oil spill or for ignition switches that kill courtesy of GM. Drug crime? Prison for you. Young Black male? school to prison pipeline.


Is Alabama one of the states that uses Prisoners as Slave Labor?