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DOJ to Appeal Judge's Injunction Against 'Cruel, Unprecedented Policy' of Deporting Migrant Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/26/doj-appeal-judges-injunction-against-cruel-unprecedented-policy-deporting-migrant


Um, isn’t this a bit late in the day?

These drumpf people are absolutely despicable in every sense of the word. drumpf uses the term ‘total disgrace’ with much frequency. Total disgrace indeed!


Taking these little children away from their parents made me sick and ashamed of this cruelty, yet over 70 million people voted for Trump’s administration! If that fact does not make you ashamed to be an America, citizen…****THEN NOTHING WILL!


I was in El Salvador in 1996 and met with one of the fourteen families that run the show down there. They were trying to hire me to help them develop a project that was thankfully totally infeasible. (I only work for the underserved.) Educated in the US and totally detached from the realities of their People. They were very nice to me, yet the guards at the farmacia (drugstore) parking lot holding automatic weapons seemed normal to them, as did the bullet-proof glass in their SUVs. Strange place. This video haunted me, as I know Latin America from many angles and all I could think watching it was where do I go to adopt one of these precious, vulnerable souls?


" Critics have expressed serious skepticism that an administration led by a president who has downplayed or even denied the severity of the deadliest pandemic in a century—even while knowing the truth about it—is really concerned about protecting the public and the children it seeks to deport."

“Skepticism”? The reality and stark truth demonstrated ad nauseum is neither trump nor those that carry-out his odious policies care about anything but his image and ego-madness - certainly not refugees or their children!!

The entire trump regime is and has been a reflection of the pathological Liar-In-Chief who never met a distortion, outright lie, or mind-numbing fantasy fabrication he claims with a straight-face - this utter bullshite from the regime of lies is very representative of that!.
The notion othattrump or his political lackey lap-dogs actually caring about anyone or anything is absurd - they do not and never have during this regime from Hell! Cruelty, lying, and tearing-apart is what they do best!
Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Trump and Barr are both soulless bastards.

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