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DOJ to Investigate Pattern of Racist Policing in Baltimore


DOJ to Investigate Pattern of Racist Policing in Baltimore

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The United States Department of Justice announced Friday that after weeks of uproar and protest it would open an official investigation into the Baltimore Police Department to determine whether the discrimination and events that led to the brutal death of Freddie Gray were part of systemic pattern of abuse.


“A just resolution can only come from addressing systemic issues in policing and real attempts to meet the needs of the community at large, things that prosecution is not designed to handle. A just resolution in Baltimore will address not only the city’s long history of police violence, but also the economic privation and state control that helped spur such strong resistance by its residents.”

This analysis from the NLG is very important for everyone to keep in mind and keep in conversation, whatever happens as the Maryland prosecution goes forward. Justice is so not just about successful prosecution of specific crimes; it is about deep transformation of the economy, and the corporate state that currently dominates.


We know that the majority of very poor in the US are white. Are there any “white ghettos,” concentrated neighborhoods of poor and low-income white people? To my knowledge, the majority of poor white people live outside of the major cities, but I’m not certain if this is correct. Specifically on violence, it has been “open season” on our homeless poor for years (most of whom are white). When they are beaten or killed, by citizens or police, it is considered a non-story. No protests, no 24/7 media coverage – “just some homeless guy” killed.


The cover-up has just intensified a thousand-fold, to be sure. When the lights go on, the mice scatter.


Yes, class power comes first, and race is used to divide the people. The poor of all races in any capitalist society (and those that practice fake socialism) will naturally suffer economic exploitation and by extension social oppression. This means poor blacks are oppressed both economically and socially, while poor whites also suffer, but largely because of their economic status. There is a difference, though in some cases the tragic consequences could be similar.


These investigations mean almost nothing. They have occurred in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Mexico (where the APD has the Chief afraid and the entire population terrified) just to name a few. Did anything change? No, but those reports must have looked dandy. The LAPD was taken over by the Sheriff’s Dept. at one time over corruption and excessive force. They in turn have been investigated (still are) over graft, corruption and excessive force.The report for Ferguson was issued and the statement has been it will take years to implement changes. Wow, where have we heard that before? Someone should ask those recently killed (all unarmed) by whites in fear of their lives as justification for committing murder. How about that black sheriff in the South shooting a real estate woman, telling the police he can do as he pleases, does not have to justify shooting her, and then left the site? He’s been charged, still has his job, his pay, and will probably get a walk (like all those others even though he’s black and been charged with a lot of corruption charges since he’s been office). These cops are like cockroaches. They keep breeding, filling the ranks, forcing out the good guys (same as for our military) while the main cockroach (the Chief of Police) states “we’re a family with problems like all families, but we’re adressing them.” Right. How did that work out for Rodney King in L.A.? Let’s be clear. The police are not there for us (check the net for those who called 911 for assistance and were shot by responding police). They are there for the elite, the corporations, the wealthy, the powerful who understand they run the country (and the planet) like plantation overseers. Overlords who have always been terrified of revolt by the masses and need the control of the military and the police (created for that very reason) to hold them (Us) in check. The police were created to retrieve runaway slaves, crowd control, etc., and to do the bidding of the wealthy–Not to protect and serve us the 99 Percenters. It seems we keep forgetting that, demanding change, accountability, and guess what? That just ain’t gonna happen especially when it comes to white on black/brown/yellow criminal behavior. That change, evolution has not taken root since the formation of this country, and will not occur as we sink into self-destruction by those in power. Hell, most of them don’t live here any longer, or do business here (definitely not hold their money here) but they do sell products here as they exploit slave labor elsewhere. If they really gave a sh** about any of us, they would stop pushing GMOs down our throats. Halt all Monsanto pesticides that are killing the bees (and all others along that chain). This is a reminder: They don’t care. In the social order of horrendous events, black while driving, black while walking, black while riding, black while standing still…well, it’s genocide on a very small scale of planetary destruction. I should also point out they were also expanded on to break up unions, social unrest, and to protect the property of the wealthy. We have very short memories when it comes to our own history.