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DOJ Vows to Crack Down on Corporate Criminals, But Watchdogs Skeptical


DOJ Vows to Crack Down on Corporate Criminals, But Watchdogs Skeptical

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

After years of letting Wall Street Greed run rampant, the U.S. Department of Justice is now claiming that it will finally crack down on corporate criminals.

But observers and watchdog organizations say that a set of new guidelines, authored by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates on Wednesday, come "way too late" and do not, in themselves, constitute bold action.


Of course they will...that's Obastard's plan to save his "legacy". He knows that most people are decent and willing --often too willing-- to let bygones be bygones. So after 7 years of screwing us to the wall with that Big Golden Screw, he'll publicly slap the wrists of some less-effective predators. It's enough to gag a maggot.

And what's worse, he'll likely get away with it, too.


Pretty easy to gum flap just 16 months before the exit.


Ah yes it is time for perfumes and burning incense, let the Metamorphosis begin.


But the corporate criminals will claim, "I did not get the memo."


Total propaganda act! Like the statute of limitations, which ran out on Holder's not watch, no longer applies.

Obama becomes less human daily.


This issue was discussed on a radio show today. It is at KPFK.org the show is Background Briefing with Ian Masters. The date is Sept 10 and the time is 5PM PDT. A corporate watchdog says these are basically empty words from the DOJ. The program will be found in the archives.


7 years after the Great Financial Scam crippled the world's economy and thereby damaged a great many people, somebody might be held accountable? Meanwhile the DOJ says it has the right to read all private emails on the pretence of stopping self-exploding Muslims from detonating? The greater harm was done by the Great Financial Scammers.


Barack's burnt-out propagandists never cease to amaze with their transparent insults to America's intelligence. Barack, a message for you: you've worked very hard to earn the praise of and $$$millions from your bosses in the two-big-to-jail banks and on Wall Street--so much so that you will become known as the "Anti-President"!


Ah yes, Slick Oily's DoJ going from criminal aiding and abetting of financial crimes to, uncompromising crime fighters in the blink of an eye! The last three presidents along with the last five Attorney Generals should spend the rest of their lives behind bars, just for being real life a**holes! Then we can go after them for all of the financial crimes and crimes against humanity that they are guilty of aiding! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!


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Insults to the the US voting population (I refuse to write "Americans" since Mexicans, Bolivians, Hondurans, Cubans, Brazilians are also "Americans") are warranted. The USAians just keep pulling the lever for the political state and federal scum of the duopoly, voting cycle after voting cycle, totally lacking in imagination. They are too intellectually lazy, too over indulged, too complacent. They are taking the world down with their willful ignorance and arrogance.