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Dollars for Decency


Dollars for Decency

Robert Reich

Last Wednesday morning, Laura Ingraham, Fox News’s queen of snark, tweeted that David Hogg—a 17-year-old who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, and has been among the eloquent advocates for gun control—“whines about” being rejected by four universities he applied to. She linked to an article from the Daily Wire calling him a “gun rights provocateur.”


The Fox “News” game has long been one of getting their viewers to feel better about themselves by finding boogeymen over which they may define themselves to be superior. The typical Fox “News” personality is introduced by railing against an indisputable evil, such as the exploitation of children. Once the viewers see the anchor as a “champion of good” they are released to sic their venom on those who seek to make the world more just–which usually threatens the greater Fox Family, including wealthy regressive patrons and the mouth-breathing right-wing nut jobs that Fox cultivates. The viewers won’t wake up, but perhaps the power of the advertising dollar can take the vitriolic Fox train down a few notches in momentum.


Anybody serious about identifying the root of most problems follows the money. It is only after the root of a problem is identified that any progress toward solving it can be achieved.

Following the money is one example of connecting dots. Considering that 95 plus percent of Murkins who vote cast their vote for corporate Dimcritters or corporate GOP operatives, few Murkins follow the money or connect ANY dots.

Murkins have nearly as bad a record when it comes to casting votes in the marketplace…Walfart’s and Amazon’s popularity attest to that.