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Domestic Terrorists More Deadly Than 'Jihadis': Report


Domestic Terrorists More Deadly Than 'Jihadis': Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the 14 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks, nearly twice as many Americans have been killed by white supremacists, right-wing extremists, and other non-Muslim domestic terrorists than by people motivated by "jihadist ideology," a report by the New America research group published Wednesday has found.


Or, as Fox News would report it: “Report shows Islamic Terrorists have killed 26 in the U.S. since 9/11.”


Fox News is an exemplary symptom of the real problem. Shouting down Fox or its victims/viewers won’t improve anything; follow the money.

As long as what once was the United States, and all within it, continue to follow the fallacy that corporatism and corporate welfare are the most perfect expressions of “what it means to be an American”, things will continue getting worse. That’s bad enough; what’s much worse is the fact that when the US goes past the tipping point, in many ways it will take the rest of the world with it.

We as a species can no longer afford “the fusion of State and corporate power” — Mussolini’s original definition of his new political movement, fascism.


I always like how they ramble off what he is, white supremist, etc. Yet, they wont bring up that he is Christian like most if not all white supremists. Its like only other than Christian folk can do such a thing. This isnt the first church. MLK was surrounded by die hard Christians ready to commit domestic terrorism in the name of their Father, their Son, and their Holy Ghost (polytheistic, not mono, meaning one) and burn a Christian church on holy ground that had Gods dark skinned children, as opposed to Gods children of light skin ready with torches. Now, doesnt this all make sense?


This is straight out of “American History X”.


I watched the HBO special on gun deaths in America (32,000 this year so far, or 80 per day).

Does aggressive American capitalism have much to do with this? After all, many CEO’s have the same psychological profile as serial killers.

Although they may have more guns than Americans, do social Democracies have as many shootings?