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Domestic Violence in the Times of the Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/11/domestic-violence-times-pandemic


The continued drive toward a “Christian” theocracy will impede Progress in this matter, unfortunately, at it goes against “Christian” “values”.


Christianity is one of the religions that sprang up to replace the Old Way, where we honored women and lived together knowing we were interdependent. Matristic societies flourished with creativity and the people were healthy. Healers, both men and women, knew which plants to use to ease pain and childbirth. Then came the Patriarchy out of the Asian steppes(and from parts of the Western Hemisphere, too) that valued violence, cruelty, the submission of women. The religions they founded destroyed all the sacred groves and temples(check out the Old Testament for examples). The Romans, proud descendents of the Kurgans, did the same thing in Old Europe to the Celtic peoples. The one that’s called a Saint, Patrick, drove out the Goddess/Druid traditions from Ireland(hence, the snake thing). But…the old ways went underground, just as Indigenous religions have from the invading Christians.
Now…well, the Patriarchy is moribund no matter what. Climate change and resource scarcity is on target to take down homo sap. The sad part is…the three monotheisms as well as the Asian religions need women to continue. One generation where women refused to expose their children to any religion and taught them to respect both sexes as equals would bring it all down. Imagine…no church ladies!!! Sue Monk Kidd has a marvelous book describing this in The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. She describes how she woke up from being a dutiful Christian submissive woman to being a (gasp!) Pagan!

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