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Dominoes of Democracy? Europe's Left Finds Hope in Anti-Austerity Vote


Dominoes of Democracy? Europe's Left Finds Hope in Anti-Austerity Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While many in the mainstream media focus on the nitty-gritty economic implications of Sunday's landslide anti-austerity vote in Greece, leaders of Europe's left are hopeful that the outcome, a repudiation of harsh Troika-imposed policies, will start a long-awaited domino effect of democracy across the continent.


This is a wake up call for the people of, not only Hellas and Europe, but the people of the world, suffering under the serfdom of “Austerity.”

  • The troika , and others of the 0.001% will no doubt pull out all the stops to destroy Hellas and any others who threaten their endless profits.
  • People of Hellas, you have provided a beacon of light in a very dark world!
  • Don’t jeopardize it by meeting in the dark back rooms of the troika. If negotiations are necessary, do it in the light, in the open! Enough damage has been done to us all in the back rooms of greed.
  • Up Hellas! Off the troika, et allia!


We have read and heard many brave and defiant words of an electorate against their economic masters. We now know that the status quo will not continue for long not only in Greece but the rest of Southern Europe as well. What is less certain is what will take its place. Economic totalitarianism does not work.
Now we shall get to see if Democracy Now! can figure out some better solution. No dispute can be settled without some willing give and take on the part of all sides to that dispute. What is clear so far is that both sides have hoisted their middle fingers of contempt at each other. If this attitude continues unchecked both Greece and the rest of southern Europe as well as the entire continent could end up like the Ukraine.


I take it you’re joking, Bill Perdue.


Not covered here in the US - to my knowledge - was a talk by Yanis Varoufakis in Germany at the Hans-Boeckler foundation on Monday, June 8. Getting beneath the media sound-bite coverage and addressing the situation, bringing the legacy of Greek wisdom (otherwise adopted by most of the west, hence recognizable and understandable in lay terms) to the scope of concerns with historical contexts. Following an intro in German, he starts speaking - in English at about min 34:00 - for about 45 minutes.
At 1:34:00 - he addresses the domestic asymmetries represented by debt under the misdesigned Eurosystem, tax evasion and corruption with a judicial system unprepared for sheer scale of the problem.
1:51:00 - whats missing institutionally and why no one should have been surprised by the financial crisis of 2008
2:05:30 - response to three difficult questions (A side note: some are comparing the referendum to the fall of the Berlin wall. It should be remembered that disaster capitalism went full bore in East Germany with industrial assets sold of at fire sale prices. See the documentary “Catastroika”)
Well worth every minute.


The bastards wanted to hear Greece scream.

Well, Greece just screamed

“Go fuck yourself!”


Germany’s response…this leaves no room for discussions…
And what was it in Germany’s position that was so negotiable.

Greece, do what every other country has done when faced with calamity.
Seize control of your own assets, manage them to the benefit of your own citizens
until normalcy can be returned, once you stop the looting of your country.

You are worth far more than the EU banks’ ledgers.
Build and control your own self worth again, honest people will trade with you.

Like all the systemic cancers we see in the economies now,
it is by small individual steps such as these that we cure the patient.
When the cancer is removed, you will heal.


“The Left”, “sundry Left”. “communists”… lots of weasel words here! lol - in this slanted article. Singling-out groups is a common ploy, either by design or not understanding what’s at play here. To distract readers from the real wrong-doers, just clouds the core reality, further: “Someone” stole the monies that have gone missing from Geek coffers and others. The middle-class and poor did not mismanage state treasuries. How about the debacle of the world-wide criminally-caused corporate crash of 2008? And no one’s in prison - YET!

Let’s be clear here: This Greek “No” on “Austerity” is not about the Greeks or austerity. No! It’s the unveiling of the 0.001% powers that are controlling the levers of power: both in Europe and the US, as well as the west Austrtal-Asian Pacific region and soon workers in China, SE Asia and India. The greed of this criminal class of billionaires and the reckless extraction practices of their multi-national financial holdings, through larceny and bribes, have caused all of the fiscal messes mentioned here in this deceptive commentary. It has NOT been made clear that the working people are not to blame. No! The banksters must be written about, ad nauseam! They WILL see prison sentences when all is said and done.


Okay ya got me! lol GREEK not GEEK! lol


Thank you for posting it.


This is the threat of a good example. Oligarchy banksters will be plotting revenge.


When questioned at a press conference as to why, she answered, “Well, it almost worked the last time.” :wink:


For that to happen, the US Fourth Reich would have to overthrow the Greek (and other troublesome nation’s) government, find another ruthless group of Nazis, give them several billion dollars in cash and weapons, then support them as upright lovers of democracy, replenishing the ammo as needed.

  • Hmmm, I guess that could happen again, couldn’t it.


Just say “No!” to pensioners paying for loans to fat cats.


Backdoor discussions with Golden Dawn are surely taking place. Strictly for contingency planning!


“Germany’s response… this leaves no room for discussions… And what was it in Germany’s position that was so negotiable.”

Spot on! That’s just standard practice for criminal gangs in power, criminal gangs seeking power, and all bullies: Lie with a straight face about who is doing what to whom. If the targets of your criminal gangsterism and bullying start making noise about your shitty behavior, swiftly accuse them of doing what you’re actually doing.


TheOldGoat is a treat too! One of my favorite Common Dreams commenters.


Exemplary representation of “mainstream” “reporting” in the US corporatist media. i mean, of what possible news value is a talk by the Greek finance minister in the midst of the Greek financial crisis? Nothing to see here folks… No but seriously, nothing to see here!


“Why was Yugoslavia, and Serbia specifically, targeted for destruction?”

i recall way back in the GHWB presidency, how GHWB made one specific change to US policy toward Europe: No US aid would go to Yugoslavia, but aid was allowed to breakaway republics. Michael Parenti:

“That U.S. leaders have consciously sought to dismember Yugoslavia is not a matter of speculation but of public record. In November 1990, the Bush administration pressured Congress into passing the 1991 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, which provided that any part of Yugoslavia failing to declare independence within six months would lose U.S. financial support. The law demanded separate elections in each of the six Yugoslav republics, and mandated U.S. State Department approval of both election procedures and results as a condition for any future aid. Aid would go only to the separate republics, not to the Yugoslav government, and only to those forces whom Washington defined as “democratic,” meaning right-wing, free-market, separatist parties.”


Pwr 2 the GREEK peons!