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Don Jr. and the Email Chain That Devoured American Democracy


Don Jr. and the Email Chain That Devoured American Democracy

Will Bunch


Russophobia has a very long history: I am currently resident in NZ, but at the entrance to most harbours here are huge guns (including "Disappearing Guns") from the 1880s to deter the Russian fleet which never came...However, it meant great sales for the gun manufacturers Armstrong. Before the big guns, there were the fast boats fitted with a 30ft spar onto which a bomb was tied, designed also to sink Russian warships...which never came. The whole panic was caused an a 'hoax' article (aka "Fake News") in an Auckland newspaper (https://nzhistory.govt.nz/the-russians-are-coming).
If anyone cared to think rationally for a few minutes, why would Russia, the largest country on the face of the Earth, wish to invade anyone else? They have everything they could ever need. The only country which seeks to grow its empire is America with their 800 bases around the planet encircling China and Russia. Furthermore, if (and its a big if) the Russians did indeed hack the election (rather than DNC insiders leak about the truth i.e. to undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign) then whoopee! The pot is calling the kettle black: the US has interfered in everyone else's elections (including Russia's) so pardon me for not feeling much sympathy. Apply the Golden Rule: Do unto others etc.
This bunch of so-called journalists - like NZ Russophobia hoaxer Mr. Luckie - are either unwitting pawns or willing agents of the darker side of Capitalism.


Great article, Will Bunch, especially your closing paragraph! The most depressing part of this is that, whether Trump goes or stays, the fact that such a large segment of our people were, and are, comfortable with this belief that winning by any means necessary is all that matters, does not bode well for solving the myriad problems facing us, which will necessarily require cooperation and compromise and a social cohesiveness that I'm not at all sure we can muster anymore.


The US has been in a state of social decline for decades. That nasty piece of dirt who is currently running the nation could hit the launch button on a whim. The cold-hearted narcissist who could have been running the nation loves war, carnage, and bloody death, and would have been even more likely and capable of hitting the launch button than he would have. Intergovernmental network hacking is just a diversion. Capital gain, self aggrandizement, and manipulation of power underlie these machinations. The elimination of homo sapiens and most higher level living organisms will be the result of nuclear war and/or global heating. Hold on to your seat for the ride!


From what I've seen, "rewarding a butcher who murders journalists and political opponents" has been SOP for the US (and pretty much all other imperialist nations) since, well, forever.


I'm astonished this Will Bunch article and its claptrap was published in Common Dreams.