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Don’t Arm This President With These Nukes

Don’t Arm This President With These Nukes

Olivia Alperstein

On September 26, the global community celebrated International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a day designated by the United Nations (UN) to draw attention to one of its oldest goals: achieving global nuclear disarmament.

By unhappy coincidence, September 26 was also the day President Donald Trump addressed the UN Security Council, and total nuclear disarmament wasn’t exactly high on his agenda. As expected, he wants North Korea to fully abandon its arsenal (and Iran, though it doesn’t have one) — without the United States reducing its own in return.

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Iran should have nuclear weapons to keep the USA, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia 7 other enemies out of their territory. If Iraq kept its WMD’s, there would be no future wars there. If Syria had WMD’S, there would not be a war there. If Yemen had WMD’s, the Saudis would not be there. It is a good thing North Korea has WMD’s so it can keep the USA, Japan & South Korea out.

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The U.S. envoy to NATO on Tuesday said that Russia must halt development of new missiles that could carry nuclear warheads and warned that the United States could “take out” the system if it becomes operational.

This comes one day after a member of the US Government indicated the US Navy could be used to intercept Russian vessels carrying natural gas and blockade gas exports from Russia.

But hey, the latest news out of the USA is that Russia is trying to infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America! They will come after your apple pie next!

Lunatics are in charge!


sigh------------NATO needs to die away----------all they do is kill people and I still can’t believe that with Haiti, when the NATO soldiers caused cholera-------that NATO was never held to be responsible. All NATO does is start wars and unrest. : (


Thanks for bringing up Stanislav Petrov, dam few Americans know his name, or his courageous inaction.


“Don’t Arm This President With These Nukes”

Of course, absolutely, please don’t.

The thing is, “we”'ve armed all the other presidents, with all the other nukes.

The horrific things should have been abolished immediately following WWII. The horrific things never should have been used in WWII. Nuclear weapons should be abolished now.

Note that Carter actually started the nuclear build-up that Reagan is usually wholly credited for. And Obama signed off on the current multi-trillion-dollar “upgrade” and “modernization” of US nuclear weapons. (Modernization which is wholly against the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty to which the USA is signatory, as is the development of “low-yield” nukes. No signatory is supposed to develop any new nuclear weapons.)

But indeed, and notwithstanding, yes, please, prevent the deployment of “tactical,” “low-yield,” “battlefield” nukes, and keep them out of the hands of Trump. And out of the hands of everyone on Earth, forever. And make this part of the basic platform of any political party or campaign that pretends to cling to any shred of sanity.


I can see Trump pushing the button just as the FBI is closing in on him to handcuff him and take him to prison.


The only Nuke this man should ever see is the one that’s coming for him.

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I have to wonder what American president Olivia Alperstein would arm with low-yield nukes designed for first-strike use. I have to wonder what administration and what institutions Alperstein might wish to arm, given that any one within a cascade of persons might trigger a war.

Her answer is probably “None.” Why not say so?

It is not only Donald Trump nor even principally Donald Trump, but the neoliberal and neoconservative players of both major parties who have pushed NATO east, indulged a fascist coup in Ukraine, and paid psychopathic mercenaries to destabilize Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, moving to seal Russia into the north.

As loudmouthed and routinely threatening as Donald Trump is, he has been roundly criticized right through his belligerence for being overly friendly with Russia and for even talking with North Korea. This ought to give some sense of where the best-funded opposition is in this debate as regards war.

No, vote the lot of them out. Arm none of them. Send them away. Cut up their credit cards.


I think the acronym that fits NATO the best is: NORTH ATLANTIC TERROR ORGANIZATION!


trump’s finger anywhere near that nuclear button scares the stew out of me!


You certainly got that one right! More hearts! More hearts!

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