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Don’t Be Fooled: Betsy DeVos Still Loves Common Core


Don’t Be Fooled: Betsy DeVos Still Loves Common Core

Steven Singer

Poor Betsy DeVos.

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary has spent her entire adult life advocating for Common Core, but now she has to pretend like she doesn’t like it.


Simply put, Common Core destroys Love of Learning in children

Neil DeGrasse Tyson posits that all children are born Scientists until their Natural Curiosity and Love of Learning is stifled by Regimented, Compulsory forms of Formal Education.

Common Core is the Final Nail in the Coffin of our steadily diminishing National and Cultural Intelligence.

That our Children are subject to these Undermining Disadvantages is nothing short of Morally Criminal.

In a Nation of more than 300 Million Citizens to select from, that we do not have an Educational System guided by the Best of the Best, in Intelligence, Experience, Compassion and Morality is a Tragic Disgrace.

Instead we're supposed to accept this Billionaire Bullshit Artist.


Nice description, Steven Singer. If the standardization mindset had been in effect at the onset of evolution, we would never have evolved past one cell. That one cell would have been the "common core" against which to measure all other cells. Sad. Its differentiation and division that produces higher forms of life.