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Don’t Be Fooled by Trump’s Talk of ‘Unity’


Don’t Be Fooled by Trump’s Talk of ‘Unity’

Sonali Kolhatkar

The killing of an Indian man named Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Olathe, Kan., on Feb. 22 has heightened concerns over hate crimes against people of color in Donald Trump’s America.


All of this is well deserved. Before you vote THINK! And if you don't think you need to vote...THINK!
These people, the deplorables, are always present in society, but to give this 25% the power to drive the national rhetoric is irresponsible on the part of those who didn't vote or voted for a candidate they regret. You who were too lazy or ambivalent to vote are responsible for this mess and those of you who voted without thinking...shame on you. You went to a gun fight without knowing how a gun works.


Add to Sonali's list of Trump travesties the Canadian who was recently denied entry to the US because his parents were born in Morocco, even though he has is a Canadian citizen, born in Canada, has never been to Morocco. and his parents haven't been to Morocco since they became Canadian citizens.

When I was visiting Canada in mid February this story was all over Canadian TV as many Canadians were pressuring their politicians to complain to the Trump Regime about this incident.


Add to this the stop and hold of Mohammad Ali Jr. Which means more to the average American male than the poor gentlemen who were murdered or hassled by Trump's maniacs and goons.
Celebrity obsessed and Teevee brain-trashed, they act in haste and we suffer at their murderous leisure.