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Don’t Believe the Alarmist Propaganda About North Korea


Don’t Believe the Alarmist Propaganda About North Korea

Andrew Cockburn

Never underestimate the ability of the national security establishment to believe its own alarmist propaganda—remember those establishment members believed in the fable of Saddam Hussein’s weapons. Among the specters currently haunting our defense policymakers is the idea that Kim Jong Un has instituted a “dead hand” for his nuclear arsenal. This means that if the portly North Korean leader is suddenly obliterated in a drone strike or by some other means of assassination, his nuclear arsenal will automatically and immediately launch, speeding unstoppably toward pre-assigned targets.


Don’t guess the author or his sources have read the news about N Korea and it’s newer rockets from Ukraine
"U.S. intelligence assessments pointing to North Korea’s likely source of its new and more powerful rocket engines as a Ukrainian factory in Dnipro."
Google it, there are a number of stories.


“National Security” simply must be renamed.

Measures taken under those auspices would more accurately be identified as, “Oligarchs Profiting from MIC and Corrupt Politicians Security.”

Don’t be fooled.


Alarmist propaganda? Any time you hear the term " national security" you are being brainwashed by the Empire of the Fourth Reich. It is not our security they are alarmed about, but their security! It should be called what it is: THE SECURITY OF THE VESTED INTERESTS OF THE 1% AND ITS WAR PROFITEERS!

The security of the average American citizen is superfluous to the 1% that really control the world wide, American, empire.


Yes- it is


In short the greatest threat to US democracy - not that it actually exists - is the CIA and the US military. Kennedy said as much and he made clear his attentions 2 weeks before they killed him.


Be afraid - vote for one of the 2 war parties - it’s in your interest.